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album cover

Cover art by Ephemerald ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Wallpaper art by o ( External ( ) and Makin (edits for wiki).
Released 4/10/2017.
Duration: ~1:31:13.

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Midnigt Crewd Side (~35:54):
  1. (0:15) ~~MIDNIGT CREWD SIDE~~ by cookiefonster
  2. (1:39) The Hideout by Wights End
  3. (2:43) We Are Midnight Crew by Pipko Fanfare and Wheals
  4. (1:01) Smooth Coaster by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  5. (2:44) Heck the Clonk by Interrobang
  6. (2:22) Ode on the ,midight crewd by Wheals
  7. (2:15) Licord Jazzcrasty by WarxTron
  8. (1:59) Fresh Jimmy's Fresh Swingz (ft. vrasky) by cookiefonster
  9. (1:49) Jousting Match by Grace Medley
  10. (1:49) smashed your cloncks (youre wellcome) by ft-rj
  11. (2:37) The Black Death by cryptologicalMystic
  12. (3:55) Stab - Stab - Stab by Interrobang
  13. (2:15) Symphony of W&Z by Cecily Renns
  14. (3:35) Liquid NegrociTown by SplitSuns
  15. (2:46) Midnight by TirantBacon
  16. (2:10) smooth mcgroove - licord nacrasty by Pipko Fanfare
Intermishin (~20:38):
  1. (0:18) ~~INTERMISHIN INTERMISHIN~~ by Wheals
  2. (20:20) Three in the morning (Dif's JUST GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP ALREADY mix) by Difarem
Felt Side (~34:41):
  1. (0:16) ~~FELT SIDE~~ by cookiefonster
  2. (2:15) Green Mansion by tempest2k and Difarem
  3. (2:07) Emerald Moonlight by CogentInvalid
  4. (2:00) Blue Laggard by Discfortune
  5. (1:37) Decade-Long Evening by GoomFloops
  6. (1:45) Lost Track Of Time by ft-rj
  7. (0:52) Prying Time by tempest2k
  8. (4:12) The Fixed Clock by Pipko Fanfare
  9. (2:56) Die. by Mathias Ramalho
  10. (1:21) Inaugural by Cecily Renns
  11. (1:17) J8de Spider (Dadde Edition) by Nicholas Nakano
  12. (2:05) The Enduring One by NyashAlex
  13. (0:45) Breakfast In Dead by tempest2k
  14. (0:58) Common Cents by tempest2k
  15. (3:53) Variating Sides by koba
  16. (3:07) Ringleader by Discfortune
  17. (1:42) Scratching Consequences by TirantBacon
  18. (1:33) 1 Through 15 by BitesizeBird

Added to wiki 9/16/2023.

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Album Booklet

Artist commentary:

Ephemerald: (Cover Artist)

This is by far the most complicated piece of art I've done for the team yet. Since the album itself is split into two halves about both the Felt and Midnight Crew, I wanted both parties to have equal representation on the cover. (I was planning on having Vrasky/Snowman included, but it was really hard to find space for her - everyone's super close together as is! So I settled on having her hat/horns resting on the piano.) An idea quickly sprang forth - the entire Felt, staring in horror at the shitty Midnight Crew. The Midnight Crew's poses and positions in this cover mimic how they looked on Drawing Dead (plus blush on the cheeks!). Since I've had a couple people ask - none of this is ripped from Homestuck. I drew all of it myself! I did use a ton of reference though, from the aforementioned album cover and images on the wiki. The background is based off of the Felt Manor's first appearance in the CANWC intermission. All the colors are adapted from The Inaugural Death of Mister Seven. Originally, the entire Felt was supposed to be monochromatic, but after some people told me to change up the color scheme, I realized that this effect made everything kinda pop, and look a lot more unique. I'm really proud of this piece! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy everyone else's contributions to this album! I know I do.


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