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Clark Powell:

Special thanks to Astro Kid for his beautiful voice, and to Andarix for her keen eyes.

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Clark Powell: (Tumblr)

An in-progress arrangement of Serenade in a triple meter. The percussion you hear is from knocking on the wood body of a piano.

This was originally for a totally unrelated project, and turns out if I’m not sure what melody to use in a song I’ll default to Serenade. I’m not quite sure where to take it next, though. Maybe cello. I’ll figure it out.

Clark Powell: (original cover art, Tumblr)

Clark Powell: (Tumblr)

I started listening to the soundtrack for Psycholonials, and realized that I've heard one of the songs before. Turns out The Influencer was originally a piece you made like 10 years ago called "Nepeta in Three" and it was a song I'd just listen to all the time whenever I wanted to feel happy. I'm really glad you got to use it in some official capacity!

me too!! psycholonials ended up being a supercut of my best b-sides that never got to shine. good catch remembering the nepeta track deep cut after so long!

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Clark Powell: (Tumblr)

A love song for Rose and Kanaya.

Alternately titled, “This Is What It Sounds Like When Two People Who Are Both Too Smart For Their Own Good Kiss Each Other (Drunkenly).”

This was commissioned from me a month or two ago.

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