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coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A

carátula del álbum

Carátula por Shelby Cragg ( Tumblr y Twitter ).
Fondo por Shelby Cragg ( Tumblr y Twitter ) y Niklink (edits for wiki).
Arte de banner por Shelby Cragg ( Tumblr y Twitter ) y Niklink (edits for wiki).
Lanzado el 2/4/2012.
Duración: ~1:44:20.

Escucha en Bandcamp o YouTube (lista de reproducción).

Archivos adicionales: Album Credits, Lyrics & Trivia y Outdated Credits and Lyrics
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Side 1 (~44:07):
  1. (0:09) ~~SIDE 1~~ por Toby Fox
  2. (4:48) Rust Servant por Willow Ascenzo
  3. (4:13) Bronze Rebel por Yan Rodriguez
  4. (5:23) Gold Pilot por First Turn Fold
  5. (2:43) Iron Infidel por Samm Neiland
  6. (2:27) Olive Scribe por Bleed Binary
  7. (2:15) Jade Mother por Nathan H.
  8. (2:31) Teal Hunter por Willow Ascenzo
  9. (4:14) Cobalt Corsair por Max Wright
  10. (4:42) Indigo Archer por Rachel Rose Mitchell
  11. (3:50) Purple Tyrant por Kevin Grant
  12. (2:45) Violet Mariner por Willow Ascenzo
  13. (4:07) Fuchsia Ruler por Kezinox
Side 2 (~39:05):
  1. (0:10) ~~SIDE 2~~ por Toby Fox
  2. (2:54) Rust Maid por Plumegeist
  3. (0:57) Bronze Page por Ian White y Eston Schweickart
  4. (3:30) Gold Mage por repeatedScales
  5. (4:07) Iron Knight por DJ最テー
  6. (4:57) Olive Rogue por Eston Schweickart
  7. (3:50) Jade Sylph por Frank Haught
  8. (2:32) Teal Seer por Kera Jones
  9. (3:22) Cobalt Thief por Ray McDougall
  10. (5:00) Indigo Heir por Paul Tuttle Starr
  11. (3:08) Purple Bard por Eligecos
  12. (3:02) Violet Prince por DJ最テー
  13. (1:36) Fuchsia Witch por David Dycus
Additional Mayhem (~21:08):
  1. (0:17) ~~ADDITIONAL MAYHEM~~ por Toby Fox
  2. (4:50) Your Universe por Marcus Carline
  3. (2:58) Superego por Yan Rodriguez
  4. (2:17) Made of Time por James Roach
  5. (6:33) Nine Lives One Love por Dallas Ross Hicks
  6. (4:13) Temporal Shenanigans por Rachel Rose Mitchell

Añadido a la wiki el 15/11/2019.

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Album Credits
Lyrics & Trivia
Outdated Credits and Lyrics

Comentario del artista:


What Pumpkin Music proudly presents coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A, the first of TWO albums to feature many incredibly fine musicians who haven't had a chance in the limelight until now.

Please don't lick your screen.

Andrew Hussie:

The Next Album: A Contest

The MSPA music team has made exactly 20 great albums since the beginning of Homestuck. For the next album, I thought it would be fun to open the music submissions up to everybody.

There seems to be a large number of musicians in the readership outside the music team, who often work on their own HS fan music or remixes. I've had quite a number of people express interest in submitting music to HS over the years, but to keep the team from ballooning out of control, I've had to draw the recruitment line somewhere. This strikes me as a nice opportunity to give a lot of other creative people a chance to contribute music. The music team was originally assembled just before HS began with the idea that I wanted MSPA stories to largely build and develop through contribution from the readership, and I think this album idea is very much in the spirit of that original premise.

The challenge

If you want to submit music, the idea is simple. Pick a character from Homestuck, and make a song for that character. It can be any character, particularly those in identifiable categories, like the eight human kids, the trolls, ancestors, agents, exiles, Midnight Crew, Felt. If you want to pick a character not in one of those groups, that's fine too. Keep in mind there's a decent chance that if your song is picked, it could be reallocated to a different character, since it's expected we'll get a lot of submission overlap, and it's not going to be "The Album of 50 Karkat Songs!" So picking a character for your song is just a starting point for you, and we'll sort it all out during the selection process.

You can submit up to three songs. No more than that, or they will not be considered! They can be for three different characters, or the same character, whatever you want. You can do remixes, etc. of other HS songs, but we'll have to run it by the original artist, and they'll have some stake in the song's sales.

I am hoping to include as much artist diversity as possible in the final list. Ideally, one artist per song. So while you may submit up to 3, if one of your songs is picked, it'll likely be only one. If you have a lot of music you're dying to send, hopefully the 3 song max will mitigate any agonizing decisions over which to send.

The Prize

If your song is picked, it will be included with the album! That's pretty much the extent of the prize. You'll get a cut of the album sales, in proportion with how many songs you have in the album to the total number of songs.

Also, if this contributes any motivation for you, I'm going to try to make a point of using at least one song from this album in a future animation.

I think that should be all the info you need to get started. Everybody is already super psyched to hear what you come up with. Happy music makin!

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