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Official Discography

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Albums released on Homestuck's official Bandcamp: the canon foundational to and long inspiring its massive fan community.

Coinciding (probably coincidentally) with the launch of Homestuck^2, on 25 October 2019 (10/25, a.k.a. [S] Cascade. Day), the majority of then-released Homestuck albums were combined and re-released as compilation albums. (Source!)

Undeniably, this was a practical move for those new to the discography, or looking to complete a collection, since the compiled albums were also considerably reduced in price. However, much was lost in terms of presentation: besides the cover arts of merged album releases being dropped due to the nature of the format, much more mysteriously vanished were all track art!

No official word was given regarding purposes for this distancing, but the consequences were clear: these compilations were the future; fan-contributed track art would be left in the past.

With no ill intent towards those in charge of managing the Bandcamp, we (alongside many fans) found this disheartening, and more than a little disrespectful towards the effort and creativity of the fans responsible for the wonderful gallery of art created for Homestuck's expansive discography. So, when official decisions baffled, fans took action and tried something different; we released the Homestuck Music Wiki for the first time on 15 November 2019, just three weeks after the Bandcamp restructure.

Since then, we've been working with a variety of community members (listeners and musicians alike!) to improve and expand the wiki ever further; today, we hope it stands both a practical resource and a celebratory testament to the history - and future - of Homestuck music!


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