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Earthbound Halloween Hack

carátula del álbum

carátula del álbum

Por Toby Fox ( Bandcamp , Twitter y Externo ( ).
Carátula por Unknown Artist y Jebb (edits for wiki) ( YouTube y Twitter ).
Fondo por Toby Fox ( Bandcamp , Twitter y Externo ( ) y Jebb (edits for wiki) ( YouTube y Twitter ).
Arte de banner por Unknown Artist y Jebb (edits for wiki) ( YouTube y Twitter ).
Lanzado el 31/10/2009.
Duración: ~24:41.

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  1. (1:11) File select
  2. (2:06) Twoson Love Theme
  3. (3:18) Synchronicity
  4. (0:36) Dark Onett/Unused Intro
  5. (1:13) Game Over
  6. (1:11) File select 2
  7. (1:11) Sewers
  8. (0:45) Winters
  9. (2:53) Andonuts Magicant
  10. (1:26) Dream Maze (Edit)
  11. (2:53) Dead Onett
  12. (0:22) Bad Morning to You (Edit)
  13. (0:49) Power (Edit)
  14. (1:46) Techno Boss Battle
  15. (1:05) The Id
  16. (1:51) Megalovania
  17. (0:05) Game Over (Andonuts)

Añadido a la wiki el 25/10/2023.

Comentario del artista:

Toby Fox:

Honestly, I did very little music hacking in this hack. It just feels like a lot because I did more than anyone else has ever done... ever. I had never music hacked (note-wise) before this hack, so it took me a while to get used to the system and get good at it, which is why the last boss song sounds the best and the early songs sound kind of crappy.

Just to help you understand why it took me a while to make GOOD music, here's a picture of the music editor:

If you have no idea what the hell is going on, you're pretty much on the same boat I was. Music is pretty much coded through a bunch of different numbers telling the game how long notes are, what pitch they are, etc. Pretty much you need to be able to look at numbers and hear music like it's the Matrix or something. It was ridiculous.

Even as I got better, songs took a hell of a long time to make. I know that the last boss song took me an entire Sunday to do, just because I had to code every single slide, every single fade-in, every single instrument change, every single NOTE... seriously. When you play my hack, just appreciate every single note and pixel I had to make. It took forever, okay!?

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