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Requiem for a Homestuck

carátula del álbum

carátula del álbum

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Por James Roach ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , YouTube y Twitter ).
Carátula por Heather Hermann ( Externo ( , Externo ( y Bandcamp ).
Fondo por Heather Hermann ( Externo ( , Externo ( y Bandcamp ).
Lanzado el 3/3/2023.
Duración: 2:07.

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  1. (2:07) Requiem for a Homestuck

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Requiem Cafe:

Remember Your Roots
Step back in time 10 years. Obama has started his second term, Snoop Dogg just shared some interesting fan art, and Homestuck is breaking the internet with fans eagerly awaiting an update. Feeling nostalgic yet?

Break out the gray paint because this 4/13 Homestuck and VIZ Media are teaming up with Requiem Cafe to bring you back in time for a 4/13 party unlike any other. You're invited to come to Requiem cafe, located in Anaheim CA, to experience themed drinks, treats, cosplay photo ops, and new licensed merch with official never-before-seen art. Measure up to your favorite characters in our photo room with a life-size height chart and experience Homestuck all over again in way you only can at Requiem.

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