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The Wanderers

carátula del álbum

carátula del álbum

Tags: WV, PM, AR, WQ, WK y Ruined Earth

Carátula por Lauren Ross ( Tumblr ).
Fondo por Lauren Ross ( Tumblr ).
Arte de banner por Lauren Ross ( Tumblr ).
Lanzado el 14/7/2011.
Duración: ~1:01:56.

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Main album (~56:32):
  1. (7:20) Carapacian Dominion por Seth Peelle
  2. (3:48) Aimless Morning Gold por Michael Guy Bowman
  3. (5:59) Endless Expanse por Erik Scheele
  4. (4:00) Gilded Sands por Nick Smalley y Solatrus
  5. (4:35) Years in the Future por Robert J! Lake
  6. (3:20) Mayor Maynot por Toby Fox
  7. (2:42) We Walk por Steve Everson
  8. (2:01) Requiem for an Exile por Solatrus
  9. (3:28) Raggy Looking Dance por Alex Rosetti
  10. (2:20) Riches to Ruins Movements I & II por Toby Fox
  11. (5:00) Litrichean Rioghail por Malcolm Brown
  12. (5:00) Ruins Rising por Michael Guy Bowman
  13. (2:46) What a Daring Dream por Alex Rosetti
  14. (4:13) Nightmare por Malcolm Brown
Bonus tracks (~5:24):
  1. (1:55) Vagabounce Remix por David Ko
  2. (3:29) Tomahawk Head por Toby Fox y Tensei

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Album Credits
Bandcamp Banner and Background

Comentario del artista:


413 years in the future, all is devastation. Great lakes are now empty pits, sprawling cities are now rubble, and humanity is now extinct, fossilized under the endless blanket of sand that covers the Earth.

However, all is not lost. Exiled to our world through gates in space and time, a few brave, carapaced individuals toil to give our planet new hope.

They are...

The Wanderers.

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