Core of Darkness

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Lanzado el 22/8/2011.
Duración: 3:14.

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Solatrus: (original commentary)

Best song on Prospit & Derse. Period.

This was the song that made me realize my production had legitimately hit a professional level and wasn't ever going to go back.

This was the only Derse song that was written in response to a Prospit song. I wrote Center of Brilliance before Core of Darkness, and I really wanted to try to counter the very.. bright and circular (I guess?) feel I had with CoB.

Out of all of my production work, Core of Darkness has the most movie soundtrack sound to it, and that's pretty awesome. Fantastic way to close out the album.

It's also a nice precursor to my current interest in trip hop music.

Shad Andrews: (Tumblr, excerpt)

Now I can post this!!

Again, I’ve been able to do some album art for MSPA, and it’s been another great experience!

Please go and check out the album, and please buy it if you can. He worked really hard, and imho the music is REALLY great.


Solatrus: (one year anniversary)

My favorite. While you all have a soft spot for Derse Dreamers, I have one for Core of Darkness. This is the song that made me actually say out loud, "Whoa, when did my music start sounding professional?"

Yeah. This one. I had more fun working on this song than any other song on this album. And it still stands out to me as being one of, if not, my best electronic/downbeat songs. I wasn't really sure what I was going with when I picked the name Core of Darkness. This song doesn't particularly have a "round" feel to it, amusingly. But I wanted to just grasp the raw essence, the core, if you will, of what Derse is, and continue with the idea that the kids influence the way the music sounds on the moons just as they affect many of the characters in the game through prototyping.

I'm very pleased with the string sections I did, though it's not really a complex melody. Lots of repetition, just like the rest of this half of the album. But the atmosphere is pretty damn awesome, and without a doubt set the tone for some of my future works. I wasn't aware that I actually really liked trip-hop at the time, but Nick introduced me to the genre, and it completely clarified why I enjoyed doing this half of the album so much.

I'm also very impressed with the art that Shad did, though it wasn't exactly what I had in mind. However, I preferred to let the artists have some free reign, so this actually turned out better than what I was thinking! Here's what she had to say on her piece and the rest of the album:

Shad Andrews:

When I was first asked about doing album art, it was really, really exciting!! Those who know me, know that I'm all about the carapace and everything in general, and having an album based on the kingdoms was really exciting and it was an honor to be confronted about it at all!

I've always dreamed to do things for Homestuck, just because of how it has affected me. I'm always up to doing things, and it's always great when I'm allowed, and when it's something that I feel passionate about.

I did the album art to Core of Darkness, which honestly is one of my favorite songs and I can't tell if I'm being biased or not because it's my art.

I took the chance to do something new, and I wanted to go above and beyond what quality work that I normally do. I wanted this to be something I could be proud of, and something that would showcase just how good I thought it was!

Solatrus sent me a sample of the unfinished song, which I listened to on repeat the whole time I was working. I ended up doing the whole thing in one sitting, and I just worked on it all night long because I was just. really into it. I wanted to do something really extreme and fun to look at. The angle being. like.. you were in the core, a la the title of the music.

I can't tell you how many times I wanted to just give up and scrap it, because it was hard and something I hadn't done - the perspective, along with the lineless-like style.

But I'm really happy with it even a year later.

The music itself was just. really really great. I loved it not just because I worked on it, which was a great plus, but all the art, all of it, was really great. The music was awesome, and I loved the whole thing behind it. Using the kids' instruments and styles to create the music for each kingdom. And just??? It seemed really fitting, what with how much I like the carapace and all.

It was really an honor to work on it, and I still listen to the album every now and again, even a year later. I'm really proud of everyone who worked on it and thankful for the album and the art.


Aw, thanks Shad! I really appreciate that you enjoy the album so much.

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