My Lady Greensleeves

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Por Shandy shandyscribs SoundCloud shandyscribs Tumblr.
Carátula por Shandy shandyscribs SoundCloud shandyscribs Tumblr.
Lanzado el 9/9/2017.
Duración: 2:21.

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Shandy: (composer, booklet commentary)

Some ships may come and go, but Rosemary is forever.

A mashup of the traditional "Greensleeves", which I've always loved, with "Endless Climb" and hints of "Black Rose / Green Sun".

SplitSuns: (album help, booklet commentary)

This is a solemn artwork that captures a snapshot of Rose and Kanaya in a tender embrace. The piece manages to render the two lovers at their closest, while also highlighting the extremes of both of their characters. Rose's skin is tainted black to indicate her status as Grimdark, while Kanaya is glowing white as rainbow drinkers often do. Although the addition of the titular "greensleeves" to Kanaya's outfit is subtle, it helps tie the artwork even further to its song and turns it into an excellent companion.

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