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Official Discography

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Homestuck's official music releases, comprising the canon foundational to and long inspiring its vibrant fan community.

Music was introduced into Homestuck soon after its 2009 launch, in contrast with previous MS Paint Adventures, and it rapidly became an iconic aspect of the story. Homestuck's music contributors flourished into a loose and diverse collective of artists, the Homestuck Music Team; official music albums were released via Bandcamp at a dizzying pace, whether in numbered volumes, solo efforts, or themed compilations. Despite their cult success, the team fizzled out after the release of Cherubim in 2013, with subsequent official releases mainly being concrete, contracted work for various spin-off efforts.

On October 25th 2019, the official Bandcamp page was thoroughly restructured without warning, with albums being haphazardly combined into compilations. Unique track artwork was discarded and many albums were left completely unavailable. Currently, HSMusic presents these albums as they were originally released.


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