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12 January 2021 - Traversing Fandom

First update of 2021 - now releasing monthly! (Also, Discord!)

Hey again, and welcome (as best one can be welcomed) to 2021! As announced in the last update's news entry, the new leading direction of the wiki is sharing and celebrating music created by fan musicians at large. In addition to fifteen new albums, this update builds on last update's foundations - details past the split - and we've started a Discord for visitors of the wiki as well!

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped out or sent kind messages during development! The launch of the new wiki went totally smoothly, and the encourgament from everyone we've spoken to about the wiki has been really astounding. Thank you!

Much of last update was spent planning and programming, but thanks to that groundwork, we have far more albums to share this time, each full of uniquely incredible music! To highlight that, we'll jump into the summary right away:

Phew! That's a lot of music. In fact, the Fandom gallery is starting to become kind of crowded! How is anyone supposed to find what they're looking for now?? (Or so we hypothetically project you asking.)

Well, you've probably noticed already: groups are the new feature designed to answer that question! They have two purposes: to improve navigability, and to improve discoverability. Conveniently, these go hand in hand - and they're so crucial that we've worked them into the layout of the site as a whole!

On the right side of the screen (or at the bottom of the page, if you are using a more compact display), you can now see the groups an album is part of. If you click to visit the group's dedicated page, you'll find a blurb introducing the group, and a chronological listing of their albums. Or you can choose the "Gallery" tab to view an album gallery, just like the Fandom and Official homes (which are now programmed as groups too)!

The inspirations from Bandcamp should be apparent to anyone familiar, but we've added a few bonuses unique to a colossal compendium like HSMusic: chronology links, for easily exploring the history of a group's releases, and external links, for visiting a group or project at its own homes.

Actually, those outgoing links shouldn't go understated: we're hoping their presence will encourage avid listeners to step further and delve into the worlds surrounding the music featured here on the wiki. (That's been the goal with, for example, displaying artist credit links up-front on the pages they contribute to - we want browsers to explore both the wiki and beyond!)

As ever, there are a few minor additions and tweaks, too - check out the changelog for full details!

Finally, some announcements surrounding the wiki (the meta, if you will):

  • Discord: We've started a Discord server for the wiki! Actually, it's been around for a few months, but we haven't publicized the link properly until now (it's in the "get involved" section on the homepage too). Follow the community guidelines and rules, and all are welcome to join and chat about the wiki, Homestuck music, and similar such shenanigans! (Psst, WIP update teasers are frequently shared here!)
  • Patreon: It occurred to us one strange, ominous night that Liberapay is not actually a platform most people are familiar with. So, we started a Patreon focused on the music wiki! As ever, there's no pressure to donate, but it would go much appreciated if you're able - this update took over 45 hours to put together, in all!
  • Updates: Like we mentioned at the top of this news entry, updates for the site will be releasing once a month now, aiming for release every twelfth, provided no (un)natural disasters get in the way! This is kind of experimental, but we figure it'll be fun to have a specific day visitors of the wiki can get excited for.

As ever, thank you for the support and feedback. Besides the Discord, our usual channels remain open, so you're much encouraged to share any comments or music suggestions for the coming releases!

~ Quasar Nebula

12 December 2020 - Launch of!

Welcome to all visitors, new and returning!

We're proud to announce the launch of, the new home of the Homestuck Music Wiki! If you've visited the wiki before, you've probably already noticed plenty of changes. I'll cover a few of the changes in this news entry, and talk about the future direction of the wiki too - there's been a shift over the last few updates I'd love to shed some light on. :)

First off: I'd like to personally thank Nuclear, foreverFlummoxed, and Niklink for their help putting this update together; I worked with all three through its development, and it wouldn't be as complete or cohesive an update without their feedback and encouragement. Extra thanks to nata for tech help as we moved the site from GitHub Pages to an independently hosted server and domain, and to everyone we contacted for being so welcoming to share their music on the wiki!

If you've been following the changelog for the last several updates, you might've noticed an interesting assortment of albums coming to the wiki: Clark Powell's Labyrinth's Heart, Casual Sunday's Shortcuts, and Kal-la-kal-la's Exceptis Excipiendis, for example. What do these albums have in common? Well, none of them are quite Homestuck albums; across all three, only the track Requiem could be considered an outright Homestuck track! However, each album was created by recognizable artists within the sphere of Homestuck music. Could this pattern be significant?

During the development of those updates (recompose, refine and autumnal polish haul in particular), it was more of an experimental idea - but with the launch of the new domain, I figured now is as good a time as any to really embrace that new direction:

HSMusic is expanding its focus to feature, side-by-side with Homestuck-specific releases, albums created by artists who've found a home as part of the Homestuck music scene!

This is in keeping in line with the basic guide of the wiki from the start: celebration. Since the start, we've been celebrating the music we love - through archival, presentation, and discovery. With the former two being polished and perfected over the the year since initial release, I figure it's time to revisit and prioritize that third one: discovery! So, just as half a year ago, the scope of the wiki is expanding once again.

For the forseeable future, in addition to the usual site updates and tweaks part of every major update, you'll be finding new albums shared on the wiki regularly! I'd strongly encourage you to check out their personal sites, and of course, purchase the albums you particularly enjoy, if you're able - every artist appreciates support for their creations!

On that note, I've opened a Liberapay if you'd like to throw a dollar or two my way as tips for my work on the wiki - I'm immensely thankful, of course, but no expectations either! We have enough to keep the site running as-is regardless. :)

So, without further ado, some update highlights:

  • A totally redesigned homepage! It's considerably denser than before - but I'm hoping I've managed to reach that peculiar paradox of it being more usable as a landing page as well.
  • Five new albums, plus some goodies:
  • A bunch of stylistic changes and tweaks across the site, all in the hopes of making a more usable and coherent design - or in less pretentious jargon, I'm trying to make things look better. :) Besides remaking the homepage from scratch:
    • All pages use the same "page generation" code, meaning much more consistent navigation and layout everywhere. Though there aren't any particular plans to do so yet, this also means it's much easier to modify or expand page layouts in the future!
    • The border around images is bolder and tiles themselves are smaller, emphasizing color and name recognition. The goal is to make a design for index pages that looks more balanced!
    • Speaking of images, most of the images on the site are now lazy-loaded (meaning they are only downloaded as they enter the screen viewport), and they've all been tweaked so that the layout won't jitter as media files load!
    • The sidebar and navigation for track pages have been revamped; besides grouping the tracks in many more albums (e.g. Ancestral), we also show track numbers for groups in the sidebar, and the current track number next to the name in the nav bar!
  • Dozens of data changes, the majority of which are from feedback from users of the site:
    • Thanks to transcription and research efforts from Niklink, lyrics have been added and updated across many tracks! Check out, for example, How Do I Live (Bunny Back in the Box Version), Mister Bowman Tells You About the Squiddles, and Creata.
    • A new "tags" feature for track art, categorizing all art on the wiki by the characters featured! Plus, gallery pages for each character (e.g. Jade, Rose, Jack Noir) and content warnings on art with sensitive or commonly triggering content.
    • A bunch of reference and credit data has been fixed across the site, thanks to Nuclear, Bambosh, and an emailer! There are also a variety of improved track arts and many new artist credit links, largely thanks to foreverFlummoxed.

As always, complete update details can be found on the changelog! Have fun exploring the site - and of course, any feedback or comments are welcome, and can be sent our way via the usual channels. :)

~ Quasar Nebula

(PS: Working with everyone on this update has been a joy, so once again, a tremendous thank-you to everyone who offered feedback, resources, discussion and support over the course of development! Tangentially, with permission from Niklink, here's a transcript of our emails together - just for a look into what collaborating on the wiki is like, and to give Niklink's wonderful commentary the light of day.)