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Wiki Finalization

(Published 7/7/2021.)

Thank you to everyone who's supported the wiki, offered feedback, sent kind messages, and visited the wiki.

(This is a repost of a post we published earlier this month on Patreon, with a couple added notes.)

Hey all, Just a short update here! I haven't had much time or energy to work on the music wiki within the last few weeks (up to a couple months or so), and I don't want to take folk's dollars for a project which is little more than dormant. So, I'm shutting this Patreon page down; I'll unlaunch the page next month, and have billing paused meanwhile (so that everyone has a chance to catch this notice and find out what's up). I'm undecided on the immediate future of the wiki, but it's still a project really truly dear to me, and the community around it probably even moreso. The community Discord server will stick around, most certainly—even if development were to come to a halt, I think it's fairly obvious to anyone in the space that shutting it down would be snuffing something good for no reason at all. I also don't yet have concrete plans to altogether abandon wiki development or maintenance. However, as I mentioned, my own time and energy for the project have been lacking; I've felt a building sense of moving on towards other projects and experiences, parallel with having recently finished school and now beginning work. As long as there's something new to share, which there so far has always been, I think I'll continue the monthly updates; detailed news entries and expansive and focused updates alike are all likely a part of the past now, though. I want to give deeply gracious thanks to everyone for all the support over the last year and a half (and then some), whether you've been a patron or offered suggestions, feedback, data fixes and additions, translation work, server assistance, and even simply—especially—kind comments and messages. You all really mean the world to me! I know this entry is a little somber, but it's something I've been working up to for a while. I figure it's best to share an official update on where the wiki's at, rather than leave everyone guessing in the dark (and probably seeing most of this coming all the same).

  1. This Patreon is shutting down (billing paused this month, page to be unlaunched some time in July).
  2. Releases will probably remain monthly but aren't likely to carry more than a trace or two new features (with comparatively briefer news entries to match).
  3. I'm not going to shut down the Discord, of course! I don't want to just snuff the community here for no reason. Thank you for the read, and for everything, across all this time. ~QN <3

The above post was originally dated July 1st, 2021, at 12:03 AM (Atlantic time). Since then, we've made the decision to declare the wiki essentially finalized in its current state, as we move on and spend more time just living life, with less internet presence and self-imposed obligations. (This means the parts in the original post about further releases are for the most part moot.)

The Discord will still stay up; though we won't be further developing or adding to the wiki any in significant manner, feel free, if you like, to chat with the community there!

(NB: While we won't be adding more music to the wiki, data fixes for existing albums and other pages are still welcome. (There were a few with this release!) Changes of artist names/pronouns/etc across the wiki will also be welcomed for as long as the wiki's online (i.e. basically forever), of course!)

Thank you again, everyone, for everything you've so generously shared over the last year-and-some. <3

~ Quasar Nebula

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