Let's Make This a Thing

Hi again, and happy 4/13! We've got a somewhat sizable update for Homestuck's 15th anniversary - we're incredibly excited to newly share some 140 releases spanning all of Homestuck's history and beyond! Plus, almost six months of new features and touch-ups. All the details and much more, as ever, past the split! 🏘️

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crystal hung in firmament's descent

How's it going? From a host of diverse and awesome contributors, we've got a full fifty five albums to share with you today! Plus, plenty other additions and improvements - and a Cascade-tuned, honey-sweet letter celebrating the wiki's fourth year. Details, as ever, past the split!

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Yo Quiero la Homestuck

Hey! How about a content-only update, with the day-and-date inclusion on the wiki of the latest and greatest behemoth album of fanmusic? And eighteen entire other albums of all sorts, to boot!

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Iridescent Noon

Hello, again! Nineteen new albums from the present and the past accompany a massive overhaul to the wiki codebase, amongst data fixes, bug shooing, site polish and more. Check past the split for all the details!

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happy birthday nannasprite

Hey again, and happy 4/13! We've got a marginally smaller update with several new albums and a bunch of commentary, data fixes aplenty and lots of internal changes in-progress behind the scenes! Visit past the split for all the details~ 🏘️

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Track Doctor

Hi again! We released a pretty sizeable update today, with a diverse selection of album additions, sheet music and MIDI files across the official discography, high resolution artwork and full-size cover previews, and more. Check out the details past the split!

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Wiki Finalization

Thank you to everyone who's supported the wiki, offered feedback, sent kind messages, and visited the wiki.

(This is a repost of a post we published earlier this month on Patreon, with a couple added notes.)

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June Attuned

Hello! As is regular now, we've an update short yet sweet to share today. Following personal direction in a hobby project, most wiki work has been put into internal restructuring, though in revisiting each page, we've written a few UI refinements too. Details, as ever, past the split!

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the my ex-wife is a real bitch update

Wait, what?

Aranoyas! Wow, we sure have no idea how that got in the release title field! This update brings a redesign to the album sidebars, and lots of data fixes and additions across the site. Much thanks to everyone in the Discord community for throwing in suggestions and additions all throughout this update - details, as ever, past the split!

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Solo Albums Aplenty

Independent works from four artists, plus a variety of stylistic tweaks and additions!

Heya! We've got another smaller update to share this time, though with plenty of wonderful music brought to the wiki from a set of four solo artists. Find details and listening recommendations past the split!

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Translation & Renovation

Looking for volunteer translators to help bring the wiki to different languages!

Hello again! We have a smaller update to share this month - mostly polish and internal restructuring. It's all in the aims of making the site more accessible; we're now looking for translators to help bring the site around the world! Details, as usual, past the split.

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Retrace, Retexture

Album wallpapers, internal changes, and more!

Hi again! We hope the month's been as kind as possible to you all. As planned, we have a new monthly update! The wiki's undergoing some significant internal improvements, but we have a host of new features, and, of course, wonderful albums and artists to share, as well. Thanks go out to our very first patrons - details of all past the split!

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Traversing Fandom

First update of 2021 - now releasing monthly! (Also, Discord!)

Hey again, and welcome (as best one can be welcomed) to 2021! As announced in the last update's news entry, the new leading direction of the wiki is sharing and celebrating music created by fan musicians at large. In addition to fifteen new albums, this update builds on last update's foundations - details past the split - and we've started a Discord for visitors of the wiki as well!

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Launch of!

Welcome to all visitors, new and returning!

We're proud to announce the launch of, the new home of the Homestuck Music Wiki! If you've visited the wiki before, you've probably already noticed plenty of changes. I'll cover a few of the changes in this news entry, and talk about the future direction of the wiki too - there's been a shift over the last few updates I'd love to shed some light on. :)

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