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About & Credits

Welcome to HSMusic, a fan-made Homestuck music wiki!

Homestuck has always been an incredible creative collaboration, and especially beloved by the community and critical in that collaboration is the webcomic and world's humongous soundtrack, comprising well over 500 tracks by dozens of musicians and artists. This wiki aims to be an interesting and useful resource for anyone interested in that music, as well as an archive for all things related.

Pertaining to the history of this site: it was originally made as a remake of Homestuck's official Bandcamp, which saw its content particularly reduced on 10/25/19. This site aims to be a more reliable resource and reference: track art (conspicuously missing from the Bandcamp) is archived here, solo albums (among other missing albums, like Squiddles!) are all indexed in the one place, and URLs will always stay consistent. And of course, also included are links for listening on Bandcamp and other services.

Nowadays, HSMusic also operates as a center for all sorts of fan music, a sort-of home where avid listeners can explore, discover, and support artists and albums within the sphere around Homestuck music. We're always looking to share new music here, so if there's anything you'd like to see, please feel encouraged to drop a message!

The code for this website is open source (GPL-3.0), and can be explored or forked here. If you want to get in touch with feature requests or comments on the code, our contact info is here!

Resource & Author Credits

  • Quasar Nebula: that's me - it's us! We programmed most of the site, and put the whole thing together. Say hi!
  • Homestuck's Bandcamp, the official host of Homestuck's music: I got almost all the official album listings and basic track info from here.
  • GiovanH's complete track art archive: track art! A million thanks for putting this together and sharing this with me. (Prior to this, I used the Web Archive to gather track art.)
  • NSND: leitmotifs! Thanks to this site in combination with credits on the bandcamp and artists' own commentary, this wiki is a rather comprehensive resource for leitmotifs and other track references.
  • (HQ Audio Flashes): thumbnail captures for the individual Flash animations! There were a couple captures missing that I took myself, but most Flash thumbnails are from here.
  • The Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki on Fandom: the inspiration for this wiki! I've wanted to make a more complete and explorable wiki ever since seeing it. The Fandom wiki has also been a very handy reference in putting this together, so much thanks to everyone who's worked on it!
  • Besides being the home of the comic this whole site is based around, the main wallpaper for the site is pulled from More from Homestuck.
  • I stole your icons.svg file. It is mine now. :tobyfox_dog_sunglasses:
  • All organizers and contributors of the Homestuck Vol. 5 Anthology - community-made track art for Homestuck Vol. 5! All of this art is excellent. Each track credits its respective cover artist.
  • Likewise for the Beyond Canon Track Art Anthology as well as Alternia/Bound!
  • All comments on the site: I appreciate all feedback a lot! People have shared a ton of ideas and suggestions with me, and I cannot emphasize enough how motivating it is to share a project with like-minded folx interested in making it better with you.

Feature & Contribution Acknowledgements

  • Thank you, GiovanH, for linking me to a resource for higher quality cover art, and bringing to my attention the fact that clicking a cover art on Bandcamp to zoom in will often reveal a higher quality image.
  • cosmogonicalAuthor, for a variety of feature requests and comments! In particular: improving way the track list on author pages is sorted; expanding the introduction; expanding the introduction message to the website; and linking bonus art for Homestuck Vol. 5 - plus a few other good suggestions I haven't gotten to yet. Thanks!
  • Monckat, for suggesting the album Strife 2 before I'd begun adding fandom-created albums and unofficial releases to this wiki, and for working with an emailer to reupload the original cover art for The Thirteenth Hour.
  • Kidpen, for suggesting the "Flashes that feature this track" feature.
  • an emailer, for suggesting the "Random track" feature.
  • foreverFlumoxed, for pointing out that [S] ==> contains reference to JOHN DO THE WINDY THING (this reminded me to add all the unreleased Flash tracks to the Unreleased Tracks album!), for recommending the restructure to Unreleased Tracks, and for going to the massive effort of checking every track page and pointing out a bunch of missing cover arts and title typos!
  • Makin, for various initial help in data collection (especially commentary) and lifting the site off the ground by pinning it to the top of the /r/homestuck subreddit for a while, and for linking me the independent release of Sburb.
  • an emailer, for sending a crop of the YT thumbnail art for After the Sun (plus the SoundCloud link for that track), for reporting the "Random" buttons being broken, and for linking a bunch of resources and various official uploads of tracks and albums.
  • Niklink, for contributing immensely to the existing lyrics on the wiki and transcribing plenty of new ones that had been totally missed before, as well as for help with archiving the early official album releases (Homestuck Vol. 1 through Homestuck Vol. 4), and suggesting and contributing to the various album wallpapers across the site.
  • nuclear333, for a variety of valuable feedback and discussion, as well as for spearheading projects like the unofficial Pesterquest OST album & metadata.
  • Bambosh, for creating The Unofficial Homestuck Collection and integrating data from HSMusic so seamlessly into it, and for sharing a number of handy data fixes and comments.
  • Nameless Rumia for providing an initial transcription of the 40+ MINUTE LONG Jailbreak audio commentary.
  • Thanks for pointing out typos, errors in reference lists, and out of date details: cookiefonster, foreverFlummoxed, an emailer, Bambosh, Niklink, Leo, Cello, and Sgeo.

Supporter & Patron Thank-yous

Thank you to all present and past supporters of the wiki, including:

  • Nights, enchantingHunter, leo homestuck, and Gradis.

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