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Feedback & Suggestions

Feature requests?
Noticed a data error?
Itching to see that one album you love on the wiki?

Please let us know! We appreciate feedback a lot, and always want to bring improvements and additions to the wiki.

There are two main channels you can reach the folk working on the wiki through:

  • HSMusic Community Discord Server - The official Discord, and a friendly place to drop feedback or discuss the wiki. (We also share sneak peeks of the coming updates here frequently!)
  • Email - it's qznebula at protonmail dot com! A tad less new-fashioned, but certainly practical if you're sending a longer-form message or aren't interested in showing in a community space.

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback!

Crediting & privacy notice:

We always want to give credits for contributions, but we strongly value privacy and anonymity, too. When you send feedback, either through the public Discord or email, we'll make sure to ask if you are okay with having your name shared in the public update changelog, and if so, by what name you'd like to be credited.

Additionally, when sending via email, we will generally share the content of your email in the Discord (so the folk who are responsible for actually bringing your feedback to the website will see it!), with personal details (name, email address) stripped/anonymized.

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)