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track cover

Climbing to Infinity

By SplitSuns (SoundCloud).
Cover art by SplitSuns (SoundCloud).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: 4:28.

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Tracks that Climbing to Infinity references:

Artist commentary:


This track was amde for the Cool and New Music Team's CANWAVE, an album entirely of Homestuck vaporwave parodies. This song in particular is a vaporwave edit of Endless Climb, hence the name. I tried to extends the vaporwave feel beyond just slowing the song down, splicing and editing the original song in interesting ways, adding 80's style instruments, and utilizing pitchbend and other distortion effects to provide an uneasy feel. The result is something that transcends meme status and enters "dream status," if you will. Actually that sounds kind of dumb. Forget I said that.

The track art is a parody of the cover of the vaporwave album "Shader Complete" by Sacred Tapestry.

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