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Land of Fans and Music 4

album cover

album cover

Tags: LoFaM

Cover art by Sozzay ( Tumblr ).
Wallpaper art by Sozzay ( Tumblr ).
Banner art by Sozzay ( Tumblr ).
Released 9/9/2017.
Duration: ~6:24:38.

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Disc 1 (~1:58:03):
  1. (0:32) ~~DISC 1~~ by Lambda Bledsoe and keyboard cait
  2. (3:12) Merge by Kouta and polysaw
  3. (4:05) Jungle #3 by cookiefonster
  4. (3:11) Frost and Clockwork by Circlejourney
  5. (4:21) Reunited by Shandy
  6. (4:21) Prospitian Crescent by Mmetafour
  7. (2:34) Altitude by Whimsy
  8. (2:47) Midnight by TirantBacon
  9. (1:51) Dersite by ostrichlittledungeon
  10. (2:37) Pax Condesca by Viko Riféo
  11. (4:11) Blind Pilot by Kurtis Burton
  12. (3:12) Daywalker ~Rise~ by Catboss
  13. (5:40) Savior of the Waking World (Cement City Remix) by Cement City
  14. (2:27) Skaian Dreamers by Difarem
  15. (4:13) Emerald Waltz by Willow Ascenzo
  16. (5:09) Intermission by Joe Ouellet
  17. (2:33) Retconjuration by keyboard cait
  18. (3:43) Formation by Hadron
  19. (3:35) Scales by Helena Ruth
  20. (1:47) Glide by Veritas Unae
  21. (3:11) Limelight by psithurist
  22. (4:16) Bonehead Destiny (LoFaM Cut) by Grace Medley
  23. (3:08) Stubborn Throes by SplitSuns
  24. (2:21) My Lady Greensleeves by Shandy
  25. (3:20) Highland Thunder by Thomas Ferkol
  26. (3:04) Ghosts by David Dycus
  27. (2:37) Pilotwave by Interrobang
  28. (3:43) Aura of Colour by olegoleg123
  29. (3:41) Beyond the Death of the King by Seth Massey
  30. (3:38) En Masse by The Great Anansi
  31. (3:06) [GRIEF] by Nicholas Nakano
  32. (2:07) Plethoric Euphoria by Seijen
  33. (2:33) Buffskull by Noisemaker
  34. (4:22) I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew (theh0nestman Version) by theh0nestman
  35. (6:55) Crystalendofgames by Jamie Paige
Disc 2 (~2:10:47):
  1. (0:16) ~~DISC 2~~ by Lambda Bledsoe and keyboard cait
  2. (2:45) Hiatus by Kevin Grant
  3. (6:40) HOMOSUCK. DIRECTOR'S CUT, OF THE YEAR EDITION. by keyboard cait
  4. (5:39) Three in the Morning (Ngame's Bowmix) [Explicit] by Ngame
  5. (2:21) Schrödinger's Harbinger by Noisemaker
  6. (0:51) Listless Squiddly Bliss by Marcy Nabors
  7. (2:32) All the Luck by Kusoro
  8. (3:12) Wisest Wizord by rilez and Natrox
  9. (3:36) Prospit Towers by SerialSymphony
  10. (2:58) Red by Tamara Fritz
  11. (1:48) Daydreamer by electric lantern
  12. (3:37) Grimbark by Willow Ascenzo
  13. (2:01) Upward Meowvement (Davepetasprite^2 Owns) by LydianChord
  14. (5:08) Requited (Dirtiest Remix) by David Dycus
  15. (4:14) Expanses of Interstellar Space by Elaine Wang
  16. (2:51) Horizontal Headshot by ostrichlittledungeon
  17. (2:22) One and a Half Midnight by Kusoro
  18. (4:43) Fractal Flowers Nui by Kal-la-kal-la
  19. (3:07) Ringleader by Discfortune
  20. (13:04) Dance of the Dead by Veritas Unae
  21. (1:56) Atomyk Clockwyrk by Marcy Nabors
  22. (3:45) Cleopatra's Cocktail Party by Thomas Ferkol
  23. (1:19) Quest Crypt by keyboard cait
  24. (6:31) Noble Ascendance by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  25. (3:12) Sunslammer (Cement City Remix) by Cement City
  26. (4:28) Climbing to Infinity by SplitSuns
  27. (2:36) Beatup (Shutdown) by Astro Kid
  28. (2:52) Airtime Assault by Cerulean
  29. (2:12) Robert Jailbreak by Mathias Ramalho
  30. (3:17) hors by Hadron
  31. (2:04) The Gemoni Mustard Blood by cookiefonster
  32. (4:07) Reconciled by Shandy
  33. (5:02) The End of Something Really Excellent by Rhyselinn
  34. (8:53) The Sin and the Salvation by psithurist
  35. (4:48) Resend by Noisemaker
Disc 3 (~2:15:48):
  1. (0:26) ~~DISC 3~~ by Lambda Bledsoe and keyboard cait
  2. (6:30) Pseudumbra Phauxtasm by Marcy Nabors and Jamie Paige
  3. (6:33) Crystalmethequins (Broken Bad) by Astro Kid
  4. (3:24) Thyme on My Fries by SplitSuns
  5. (3:02) Raise of the Conductor's Baton by Hadron
  6. (3:19) Radness from Concentrate by Whimsy
  7. (1:07) Conflict! by Emelia K.
  8. (2:51) Solar Momentum by Nicholas Nakano
  9. (3:07) -Omega- Timeline by ostrichlittledungeon
  10. (5:12) Emerald Cinders by Grace Medley
  11. (1:44) Sugar Cubes by Kusoro
  12. (3:51) Fond Regard by Lark Mordancy
  13. (2:04) Prospitian Monody by Viko Riféo
  14. (1:58) Shatter by Kanishka
  15. (5:46) Denizen by Kouta
  16. (2:20) Ultimate Alchemy by Interrobang
  17. (3:06) The Sock Ruse by Alex Votl
  18. (4:10) Juju Breaker by keyboard cait
  19. (3:02) Tragic Heights by Thomas Ferkol
  20. (3:03) Waltz for Calliope by Shandy
  21. (4:40) Everlasting by Joe Ouellet
  22. (5:42) Crystalline Repose by Willow Ascenzo
  23. (3:14) Black Hole / White Door by ehlsea
  24. (5:39) Strife Mayhem by Musical Panini
  25. (2:26) Moonsetter (Strider Remix) by Cement City
  26. (4:26) Exsanguinated by Seijen
  27. (2:12) Premortem by Noisemaker
  28. (3:34) Fruitjam by keyboard cait
  29. (1:47) Lightfall by nights
  30. (5:00) Blanc by Sean Gorter
  31. (4:05) Collision Course (Davepeta's Movement) by SplitSuns
  32. (6:13) Revisit/Rewind by ostrichlittledungeon
  33. (7:46) Homestuck Sonata by David Ellis
  34. (3:58) Wicker Kingdom by Kurtis Burton
  35. (8:31) Skaian Rebirth by Kris Flacke

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Album Booklet
Bonus Artwork (DLC)
Bandcamp Banner and Background

Artist commentary:

The Unofficialmspafans present:


The Team:
Lambda Bledsoe
Veritas Unae
Liza McCall
Lathan Jury


Additional Help:
Mark Ciocca (Dagoth Xil)
Yishan "Catboss." Mai
Grace Medley

Special Thanks:
Elaine "OJ" Wang
M. Alex "melodiousDiscord" Moser
Brad "Avinoch" Griffin
Robert J! Lake
Christina "Lune" Lillard
The Cool and New Music Team
Andrew Hussie & What Pumpkin Studios
The Homestuck Music Team

Lambda Bledsoe:

Hey, so, I'm Lambda. I did like 2/3 of LoFaM2 and a little bit of LoFaM3. I also made that list of references that comes up if you google "Homestuck remix list".

Anyway, this is LoFaM4. It's a pretty good album with some pretty cool songs. I hope you like it. I'll be popping in to give some extra ocmmentary on songs throughout the booklet.

I'm using the rest of this space to thank a bunch of people, starting with my collaborators. Thanks to Liza and Scott for sticking by my side for so long; to Aris, Emily, and Lathan for stepping up to judge and being awesome friends; to Makin for doing a ton to get this album out; and to Caitlin for... existing.

I also want to give thanks to a bunch of the cool people I've met along the various communities and Skype and Discord groups. So: shoutouts to Paul, James, Nick, Luke, Marcy, RJ, Clark, Bowman, Evan, Thomas, Blueberry, Seth, Elaine, Yishan, Brad, Emilie, Christina, Paige, Ame, Lisa, Audrey, Gaby, wheals, Putnam, nights, Rune, power, Kal, Roxe, Erin, yaz, and soz. And a special shoutout to Mark.

I think that's pretty much all I have to say? Enjoy the album.

Veritas Unae:

This is not so much an end as a new beginning.

Homestuck music, to me, has been an ever present part of my life for six years now. I can still keenly recall switching on my iPod Touch to the original Land of Fans and Music as I travelled into university for my first year of higher education, the excitement I felt in getting one of my own songs on the second installment and the deep pride I had in bringing the third album to fruition. The Land of Fans and Music has always been a celebration of the best of Homestuck fan music, a collection of musicians that continues to grow from strength to strength, doing things I could never dream of accomplishing.

But Homestuck is a work filled with passion, with creativity and ingenuity, and it is that spark that has set so many of its fans ablaze. Through transformative retellings like Cool and New Homestuck and Act 8, the songs of which have equally earned their places in the annals of fanmusic history, and innovative projects bringing light to untold stories like Beforus, Ancestral and Xenoplanetarium yet to come, Homestuck fanmusicians are always hungry for content on which to develop their musical crafts. It only takes a quick listen to some of my early Homestuck content (my tindeck is still mostly online, including those Nepetaquest tracks...) just to see how far I've been able to hone my own crafts through this medium.

However, it is time. As all things inevitably must, the Land of Fans and Music project is reaching its final limits. While it would not at all surprise me to see another small scale LoFaM 5 spring forth from the incredible pool of talent that I have the privilege to interact with on a daily basis, it is here that I personally choose to bow out towards my future horizons. While I will always be a part of this fan music community, I think I'm finally tapped out on my own Homestuck energy. (Thankfully, you can be freed of my disgusting motif potpourris. How many of those do I have now? Like... 4?)

This album would not exist without so many incredible people. Thanks must be givven to Lambda for spearheading the project, and getting the ball rolling in the initial stages. She is incredible at pulling everything these projects need together and I know this album would not be half of what it is without her. Thanks also to Cait for what she has done towards getting this album out. Hopefully this means no more long nights for me uploading hundreds of tracks. Thanks to Blackhole and circlejourney for what they've done for the booklet you're reading right now. It looks fantastic and is filled to the brim with amazing information. And to both circlejourney and nights, thanks must be extended for the high calibre of art this booklet is home to. To Makin, Aris, Emily, Liza and even Mark and Lathan, thanks for being a part of this process in helping us sort through the hundreds of tracks we received.

It's been six long years for me, but I finally close my own chapter on Homestuck fan music*. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future pursuits.

Yours in fanmusic, from now and forever more,

Veritas Unae

*Except for Violet and Gold. If I don't finish that, I think several people would have it out for me.

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