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track cover

Greater Impact

By nuclear333 (Bandcamp, Tumblr, Twitter).
Cover art by nuclear333 (Bandcamp, Tumblr, Twitter).
Released 11/28/2017.
Duration: 1:46.

Listen on Bandcamp.

Artist commentary:


This track art was originally for the song "Techno Babtle", which isn't included here. I basically just drew the part of the comic it was used for from a different perspective, and I am so glad I rebooted it oh my god this sucked. This was not nearly as cool as I thought it was back then. If you want to go find the page this was from, it's on MSPFA, but maybe don't. It was pretty bad.

If you're wondering why this is an unfitting track for the end of an album, please remember that this album had 26 tracks originally.

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