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album cover

album cover

By tempest2k ( External ( , Bandcamp , External ( , Twitter ).
Cover art by tempest2k ( External ( , Bandcamp , External ( , Twitter ).
Released 1/4/2021.
Duration: ~34:40.

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  1. (0:59) INHOSPITABLE (Old Title)
  2. (3:06) Misconduct
  3. (2:08) Faultline Flatfoots
  4. (2:03) Regrets
  5. (2:20) Scratch Zero
  6. (2:42) Crying Robot
  7. (1:52) Perspective Inbound
  8. (2:24) Deep in the Planet
  9. (1:52) The Serpent's Trail
  10. (1:54) Losing Reality
  11. (1:30) Mystic Jam
  12. (1:58) Hammer Head
  13. (2:04) Demon Juice
  14. (2:19) Channel Surfing
  15. (3:43) Infinite Midnight
  16. (1:46) Greater Impact

Added to wiki 1/12/2021.

Artist commentary:


Tracks from the now-delisted INHOSPITABLE Vol. 1 album from 2017. Contributions that aren't my own haven't been included in this release, as many who worked on the original project are no longer associated with INHOSPITABLE or related projects.

I've also decided to include old track art that I'm kind of embarrassed of now. This includes art for tracks not included, and even one piece of track art that was so bad I didn't even use it in the original. You're welcome, archivists.

Some songs may be rereleased on a future INHOSPITABLE music project, but the majority of the songs posted here are the only place to download this music.

Dedicated to those who helped make the original release a reality. May you find success in any walk of life you choose to take from here. Should you find yourself looking back on this experience, fondly or otherwise, I hope you can at least be proud of how far you've come since this humble project.

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