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Immaculate Peacekeeper

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By Kalibration kalibration Bandcamp kalibration Twitter.
Cover art by Elly Beck yoccu Tumblr.
Released 11/17/2011.
Duration: 3:03.

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Artist commentary:

Elly Beck:


So I had heard about kali needing more people to do album art from somebody on tumblr. I was relatively new to the fandom, and I thought I'd never in a million years be good enough to do album art, but I really wanted to, so I sucked it up, said to myself, "The worst thing they can do is tell me No and then forget about me forever," so I sent my offer. And got it?????????

Then I had to pick an ancestor, and even though I didn't even care about kanaya at the time, when I thought it through, I decided that I'd probably be best at drawing her ancestor. I figured her classy, demure style would work best with my style of drawing? So I picked kancestor!

Then I didn't draw for forever because not knowing what the ancestor looked like made me really nervous. Then she was revealed finally!!! And I freaked out and got to drawing.

I decided I wanted to draw something that would represent a big part of her character. Since I hadn't heard the song, all I really knew was that if I drew something that was very much a part of her character, it would most likely fit.

So I decided to pick a "scene" of her very first leaving the caverns to take care of the signless. Since she has jade blood, I figured she would probably sneak out around daybreak, when no other trolls would be around to see her abandoning her duties. She had to wrap up tiny grub sufferer so that he wouldn't be hurt by the sunlight, but she would be able to leave without injury.

She has her flowy....cloth thing...that's normally around her feet up over her head as a veil. It's really bright if you've never been outside of a cave your whole life, after all! So she's lifting it here to take her first look at light on the surface.

I'm really happy it ended up working so well with the song, and this may be my favorite song from the album because I am a huge sucker for woeful strings. The song reminds me a LOT of Adagio for Strings which may just be one of the most heartwrenchingly beautiful songs ever written.

So hopefully my art of her here is a good representation of her character. I've been worried about how it would have been received ever since I finished it! hahaha. But people seem to be liking it, and I couldn't be happier. I was so honored and ecstatic to be given to opportunity to draw for an album, and it was so much fun.

That's all I really had to say I guess. :) I just felt like sharing my thought process. xD Thanks to kali again for the opportunity and the BEAUTIFUL album. The ancestors have been well represented here I think. c:


forgot to upload this here too! :o for all y'all who use dA still and not just tumblr like me xD

I did the album art for the Dolorosa's song from the new Tomb of the Ancestors album! :)

I wrote some commentary about why I drew it and why I drew this specifically on tumblr. You can go read it there if you are interested in a little background on this piece

This was a huge challenge artistically! My mom and I puzzled over some fabric trying to figure out how the heck drapery like that veil/cloth thing would even work! The colors and background were a specifically challenging element as well! I really wanted it to be good track art, where you would be able to recognize it at a glance on an mp3 player or computer or something else. And I wanted the picture as a whole to feel like the Dolorosa's character, which I imagine as being solemn and peaceful

The song ended up beautiful! I didn't actually get to hear ANY of it until the album was released, so I'm really glad that kali and I were on roughly the same wavelength about her :)

I hope you all like it! I was an honor and a privilege to get to do this. I'm so grateful ;w;

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