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By Levc Other levc-egm SoundCloud LevcEGM YouTube Levc_EGM Twitter levc_egm Instagram.
Cover art by dizzims. dizzims Twitter.
Released 2/7/2020.
Duration: 1:57.

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Artist commentary:

Levc: (YouTube in-video commentary)


When i made this theme i didn't know alot about Jes...

Dizzy told me (after i said i didn't more ideas for songs) that i could do this theme for a mysterious lady and show me an early drawing of her.

i inmediately say JAZZ and did a jazzy song. with a misterius intro.


I think that i most like about this theme its the use of the bass itself.

basically the bass its the melody of the song, with all the other instruments being accompaniment.

i Use 2 Basses to make it more... realistic? at least i tried.


I really don't have anything else to say about it.

other than the use of my vibraphone, there is no more trivia commentary to say about i.

just enjoy the music :3

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