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Lapis Lazuli (Extended)

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By Helena Ruth helenaruth Bandcamp helenaruthmusic SoundCloud Other kngfsher Linktree kngfsher Twitter helenaruthmusic Facebook and psithurist oscillatrix Bandcamp psithurist SoundCloud (guitar, bass).
Cover art by Circlejourney circlejourney Bandcamp circlejourney SoundCloud Circlejourney YouTube circlejourneyart Tumblr circlejourney Twitter Other machinasolis SoundCloud.
Released 9/9/2019.
Duration: 3:34.

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From Beyond:


She was trapped in a mirror
And it couldn't be clearer
She wanted to leave this place
And get herself back in space

You might think she's a criminal
But her friendship comes through subliminal

Lapis Lazuli
You fled to the bottom of the sea
Lapis Lazuli
You were so mad, but then you came around to me

Now I see, is this what waited for you?
All of those years, you came back here
To your point of origin
But all you found was more misfortune

You tried to call out and you tried to break through
But that's never really worked for you

What is waiting for you now?

Lapis Lazuli
You were trapped at the bottom of the sea
Lapis Lazuli
How did it feel to be the one who held the key?

Now I see, is this what waited for you?
It might feel like years that you've been here
A brand new point of origin
A savage heart, a waltz with fortune

You tried to hold down and you tried to pull through
But that's never been enough for you (That's never been enough)

What is waiting for you now?

(Lapis Lazuli) It's more
To tell you how I felt I had to go
(Lapis Lazuli) So far
I need a week just myself and the stars
(Lapis Lazuli) My heart (You ran away)
I'm drowning in my thoughts, I have to go (And you lost yourself at sea)
(Lapis Lazuli) So far
(Are you still having trouble breaking free?) I can't find in my mind end or a source

Lapis Lazuli
You fled to the bottom of the sea
Lapis Lazuli
You were so mad, but then you came around to me

Artist commentary:

Helena Ruth:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your music!

Hi! I live in Seattle, Washington and I make indie folk/rock music inspired by games, webcomics, anime, and cartoons. Particularly gay stuff. I used to run Chibi Chibi Con in Olympia and I wrote the song Fallen Back about Undertale, if that means anything to anyone! I've made music under this name for years, but am about to switch to releasing music under the name The Kingfisher.

Q: Describe the process of working on your songs.

Psithurist and I worked on this song for over a year! She did the amazing bass and guitar parts of the track. The hardest part was mixing it (when you already have everything recorded and just have to adjust the levels and panning/put effects/etc on the tracks). I spent several months on that. I don't. Want. To think about it anymore. It kills me.

Q: Who's your favourite Steven Universe character?

My favorite character is Pearl! I'm predictable and I appreciate responsibility, what can I say?

Q: Why did you decide to make a track about Lapis?

I desperately wanted to sing this song, but I thought it was "too short to sing" (whatever that means), plus Lapis was seriously pulling my heartstrings, so I took matters into my own hands.

Q: What's your favourite thing about the track you made?

It's done!

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