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By Levc Other levc-egm SoundCloud LevcEGM YouTube Levc_EGM Twitter levc_egm Instagram.
Cover art by Circlejourney circlejourney Bandcamp circlejourney SoundCloud Circlejourney YouTube circlejourneyart Tumblr circlejourney Twitter Other machinasolis SoundCloud.
Released 9/9/2019.
Duration: 3:40.

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Artist commentary:


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your music!

Im a composer, mostly for videogames but im allways experimenting. im also a writer in progress. other think, im not an native english speaker so, sorry if my english hurts to read.

Q: Describe the process of working on Pink?

I wanted to make a song for a topic that nobody would chose, so i just go with that. Also it was funny to me to do a videogame-ish song for this project, so i did pretty much what i always do, but triying to do it in a style similar to the official soundtrack.

Q: Your favourite thing about the track?

i think the harmony is really cool. also the instrumentation, idk i like to combine chiptune with some orchesta here and there.

Q: What were your favourite moments in the show?

It's valid to say that most peridot moments? if so that.

Q: What's your favourite song from the TV series?

I think one of the easy songs to pick is "stronger than you". i dont know, its the song that comes to me when i hear steven universe, mostly because it was the way i get to know the show.

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