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track cover

track cover

By sunsprite ( Twitter ).
Released 6/12/2021.
Duration: 2:45.

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Tracks that Lofistuck references:

Artist commentary:


Cro originally suggested doing Lofi Elevatorstuck, so there's that. Absolutely loved the idea and started doing that right when I first read it in the chat.

Storywise, it's mostly about Alpha Rose and the world they're living in. And specifically, the song is about the Roxy Pestequest route where we meet Alpha Rose and then return back with Roxy.

Went a bit overboard with sound effects, but none of them are random, and all fit well with the story.

Initially, I did both the main minor version and the major intro version, but they alone didn't quite work by themselves. So, there came the idea that both could be combined in a pretty dramatic way, with the vibe suddenly changing from major to minor when we teleport to Rose.

Inspiration: random stuff I heard at 2am on 'lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to'

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