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Ophiuchus (Full Suite)

track cover

track cover

By WarxTron ( SoundCloud ), David Ellis (Takeover / Havoc organ solo) ( Bandcamp ), and Fabricio Podestá (Takeover / Havoc guitar solo).
Released 9/11/2020.
Duration: 28:30.

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00:00 - The Lime Muse

04:37 - The Blood Lord

10:44 - Spacetime Subjugation

14:56 - Takeover / Havoc

23:34 - Spirals (Including Illusions of Freedom)

28 minute progressive rock song about Caliborn and Calliope. Ft. David Ellis "A Lunatic's Daydream". Made this as my final Homestuck song ever to give closure to those 5 years I spent making songs inspired on it and move on, so I wanted to go out with a bang while paying tribute to my newer musical influences.

Dedicated to my father.


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