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Ophiuchus (Full Suite)

track cover

track cover

By WarxTron ( SoundCloud ), David Ellis (Takeover / Havoc organ solo) ( Bandcamp ), and Fabricio Podestá (Takeover / Havoc guitar solo).
Released 9/11/2020.
Duration: 28:30.

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28 minute progressive rock song about Caliborn and Calliope. Ft. David Ellis "A Lunatic's Daydream". Made this as my final Homestuck song ever to give closure to those 5 years I spent making songs inspired on it and move on, so I wanted to go out with a bang while paying tribute to my newer musical influences.

Dedicated to my father.

00:00 - The Lime Muse

04:37 - The Blood Lord

10:44 - Spacetime Subjugation

14:56 - Takeover / Havoc

23:34 - Spirals (Including Illusions of Freedom)

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