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Skaian Spirograph

track cover

By WarxTron ( SoundCloud ).
Cover art by CrazyMissdream.
Released 7/2/2021.
Duration: 2:55.

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Tracks that Skaian Spirograph references:

Artist commentary:

WarxTron: (Composer)

I made this last year for Haeldral's game, Felt Mansion 2. It was one of the last songs i made for Homestuck before moving on to other things. It's not really a farewell song but it's a thank you to HS music and everything it brought to me, such as being on this team.

CrazyMissdream: (Artist)

I'm a big fan of the C&N music team, with Haeldral we used to listen to every new album together and i really wanted to participate in this last one.

I was listening to the new songs and, reaching this one, i was like, "Hey, i know this one! Wanna draw it's track art!"

I really like the FM2 universe but also wanted to keep the C&N vibes so i drew both teams of consort. Anyway, it would have been impossible for me to draw a track art without my beloved Sad Timmy on it, he deserves some comfort. Hope Yan will give him some good advices!

It was fun to draw them all having a good time exploring Skaia (and meeting our dear mayor), this song really gives this adventure vibe i love, ready to kick some ass and all those things heroes do!

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