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track cover

By Michael Guy Bowman ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 8/19/2015.
Duration: 4:36.

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This is no debate
This is no apology
Things fall apart, you know
We can't fool the energy

Is it push or pull
Or is it spaces in between?
Everything must come and go
With forces we can't see

Nothing that we have we're keeping
Every star is always creeping
Pulled apart by cosmic forces
Isotopes in long divorces
This was always bound to happen
You can go down crying or laughing
At least you're not the only one

Don't be insecure
Something else has moved the stars
Every light that's guiding us
SHIFTS RED and gets far

Someday we may know
But then we might be dead by then
What good is knowing, anyway?
We can't get it back again

Everything we have is borrowed
Past and present and tomorrow
All of what we are, we're losing
Nothing much is ours for choosing
Give back to what you're given
And as long as you're still living
You'll know you're not the only one

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