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track cover

By Michael Guy Bowman ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter , External ( ).
Released 8/19/2015.
Duration: 4:08.

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CHAMELEON, I, masked, advance
changing my shape at every chance
Lost in the truth of who we were
Once long ago

Radiant skies turned to ash
Turbulent highs burn and crash
Living our lives on borrowed cash
Once long ago

This is this, the lips we kiss
Are worn as red cocoons
Hats and wigs and Meyers-Briggs
Like phases of the moon

There was a time, once I knew
Sent from divine, I was new
I put you on, you wore me too
Once long ago

Into the blue, out of sight
What we perceive, wrong and right
All fades together in the night
Once long ago

The costume rips. The skin unzips
We leave behind the lie
Let it be, what once was me

Artist commentary:

Michael Guy Bowman:

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