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Savior of the Driving Dead

track cover

track cover

Tags: Cronus, Bees

By SerialSymphony ( SoundCloud , Bandcamp ).
Cover art by Lovisa Lassen ( Tumblr ).
Released 4/16/2016.
Duration: 1:34.

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Tracks that reference Savior of the Driving Dead:

From Fandom:


(He is here now. The savior of driving safety. The bees have shown him the way of the seatbelt. He is now... the Savior of the Driving Dead.)

(Fuck you, Safety Bot! But also... fuck you, Safety Bot...)

(Oh no, not the bees, not the bees! AAAAAAH! They're in my eyes! My eyes! Aaaah! Aaaah!)

(Damara is love, Damara is life. Deal with it.)

Artist commentary:

Lovisa Lassen:

a beacon of hope

Circlejourney: (bee witness)


Lovisa Lassen:

hope that one day we can be safe


holy shit

Circlejourney: (bee associator)

the saviour

Lovisa Lassen:

saviour of the driving dead

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