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By Toby Fox tobyfox Bandcamp tobyfox Twitter Other fwugradiation Tumblr.
Released 10/31/2009.
Duration: 3:18.

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Tracks that Synchronicity references:

Artist commentary:


The song it plays at the beginning and when you go into the sewers. Although you would never know it, this song is a direct rip of "Synchronicity" from Brandish 2, which is a fantastic song. It took forever to get just perfect, I think it's the longest song it took me to compose because it had a lot of bugs when played in the actual game and plus if you didn't realize it's actually a minute and thirty seconds long... hahaha! I don't like my own arrangement too much (it's okay, good for EB I guess) but I love the game it comes from and its music so it's fine. Sort of another themesong for the game for me.

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