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Who Am Me?

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track cover

By Funk McLovin ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ).
Released 7/16/2022.
Duration: 2:48.

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How do I know the me who's me is a me who's someone else?
How can I tell for sure I'm here and not over on the shelf?
If the me who's me is me, you see I'm not the me who's not
And if that's all true and you are you, then the me who's you is what?
If there's a me who's not in me, then why is that me not?
But if he's me and not me, gee, there's a me that I forgot
It seems I'm fragmentary very scary so be weary
I can't be merry so find out where he may be fairly 'cause I'm only here just barely!

If you're not me I can't be me, not me in my entirety
But if I'm me, that's plain to see, and if I'm not me that cannot be
If I'm not me what do I do, the me who's me has become unglued
I guess the only way is through— oh shit, there's two lines left in this tune!
They don't think it be like it is, but it do, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2!

(How do I know the me who's me is a me who's someone else...)

Artist commentary:

Funk McLovin:

What If Dirk Strider Had An Emotional Breakdown Lol

lyrics: i forgot to write them down. they don't make sense on purpose. don't worry about it lmao

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