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album cover

album cover

Cover art by Funk McLovin ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ) .
Released 7/16/2022.
Duration: ~50:05.

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  1. (2:43) Beatdown by BLVKAROT
  2. (2:48) Who Am Me? by Funk McLovin
  3. (5:02) Paradox Space by Levc
  4. (4:55) Land of Brains and Fire by Astroblur
  5. (4:43) i once swore to put penumbra phantasm into every homestuck project i work on until toby releases it but honestly this is getting ridiculous by FrostyMac
  6. (4:14) RE:TCON by Tee-vee
  7. (1:20) solving puzzles is what i do. by FrostyMac
  8. (2:32) Megalovania SUPER LUCKY Edition by Funk McLovin
  9. (3:09) The World as We Know It by Circlejourney
  10. (2:18) I'm A Member of the Midnight Crew by Sonnivate
  11. (2:03) Hot Pink Denial by articulatelyComposed
  12. (3:04) A Pinch by YoItsCro
  13. (11:14) In the coldest rooms, I burn a picture of you for warmth by Ishmael Fisher

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