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41 tracks totaling 1:46:49 hours. Released 3/14/2019.

_ (Illust. nights)
cw: blood, body horror (abstract)
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Congratulations on Updating the Comic! (Illust. Tipsy)
Calm Before the Storm (Illust. Ephemerald)
cw: cops
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Fighting Chance (Illust. Ephemerald)
Ke$halo Strike Back (Illust. yazshu)
Rose: Behave Irrationally (Illust. Makin, Scarodactyl)
cw: cops
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justice is finally a serve (Illust. william_)
Swet Reunion (Illust. Makin)
cw: decapitation (abstract)
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Crystalmixeditupagains (Illust. ft-rj)
Obana rematch (Illust. william_)
JAED FURY (Illust. ackro, Scarodactyl)
Starcrusher (Illust. koykoy13, Scarodactyl)
FreshGermyQuenSprite (Illust. Makin)
Fight The Man! (Illust. Zoey)
years in the future (exept by not that much), (Illust. ackro)
The Heart Of Corruption (Illust. Scarodactyl)
Ironic Mania (Illust. ackro)
Savior of the Reawoken Patient (Illust. avocado)
anotehr boring day at THE SCHOOL [FLAPSH BACK] (Illust. Tipsy)
Strain (Illust. Griever)
Starside Rumble (I Warned you About Stars Mix) (Illust. cookiefonster)
grimd~~AR~~k / Beyond Comprehension (Illust. Tipsy)
Non Compos Mentis Remix (Illust. Cosmic)
Softcat (Illust. Tipsy)
the wheel boss (Illust. koykoy13, Makin)
Sburban Options (Illust. Makin)
The Ticcing Clonck (Illust. VulkanShawl)
Battle Against a Furry Dictator (Illust. Tipsy, Scarodactyl)
Nonunintentional Figting (Illust. koykoy13)
harlequin.exe is not responding (Illust. koykoy13)
cw: cops
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Chronic Infection (Illust. Makin)
Obana Never Gives Up (Illust. Makin)
In Which The Main Protagonist (ballad of kraket vantage) (Illust. Skyplayer)
Space Denizen STRIFE! (Illust. ackro)
0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. loading)
i am very smort (Illust. ackro)
Regicide (Illust. BitesizeBird)
Lost in Time (Illust. Tipsy)
Eternity's Slylock (Illust. Scarodactyl)
bad.mp3 (Illust. Shadok)
Gone Home (Illust. Shadok)
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