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Album commentary

Makin: (Album namer, album wiki-adder)

Look, in our defense, we weren't thinking of wikis when coming up with album names. Main volumes just kept getting sillier and sillier, from skipping straight to Cool and new Volume V after cool and new volume II, to emojis in V8️lu♏e's title, to simply naming an album 9, to now, this, _, an album without name, which CAN be represented properly on bandcamp, but obviously cannot usably be represented on a wiki. Thankfully we went back to "cool and new volume 3" after this like reasonable people. Forgive the inaccuracy in using an underscore instead of a blank space. If you want to punish us for our crimes, please do so by listening to the album.


Makin: (Wiki maintainer)

The author of this track says this quotes a bunch of Homestuck songs with the word "star" in their names, but I can only hear Ocean Stars, and they were only able to remember one more reference, Bridge of Stars, saying that if there are more, they're subtler. If you can hear more, please join the HSMusic Discord and save us.

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