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By Witch's Cadence witchscadence Bandcamp WitchsCadence Twitter YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by dizzims. dizzims Twitter.
Wallpaper art by dizzims. dizzims Twitter.
Released 6/2/2024.
Duration: ~31:44.

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Act 1: (~10:28)
  1. (0:56) Be Jack
  2. (4:03) The Dirty Snake's Coup
  3. (2:37) Nomad of Nothing
  4. (2:52) City Streets
Act 2: (~10:48)
  1. (1:29) I'm Sorry
  2. (3:36) Ballad of a Jack
  3. (2:47) Midnight²
  4. (2:56) Breakout
Act 3: (~10:28)
  1. (9:20) The Epic of Jack Noir
  2. (1:08) Fin

Added to wiki 6/12/2024.

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Artist commentary:

Witch's Cadence: (booklet commentary, front)

Yoyo! It's me, Witch's Cadence! Back from the music mines with something new for your ears to chew on. But hold on, hmmm, this font is too hard to read, let's change it up for something better.

(Here’s the part of the commentary where I do a long drawn out bit of me going through different fonts ranging from goofy ones and serious ones and then ending on comic sans before saying “definitely not”. But that would be lame, so we aren’t doing that.)

Here we go, now into the juicy shit.

I had been wanting to do a solo album for Desynced for a little while now, and when I finally got the idea I was a little bit pensive. I mean, it seemed like a bit of a stretch. Would anyone want to listen to something so... saturated?

Noirscape is an album all about jack (of the Noir variety if you weren’t sure). And I sure as hell ran with this idea. There’s plenty of “Black” and “Ballad of Jack Noir” to go around. So much in fact you could probably solve world hunger if it was measured out in bread loaves. Okay, probably not really, but it’s a nice fantasy. Like I mentioned earlier, I was worried that this album would be a bit. . . too much jack, haha. But yet, when I mentioned it to Dizzims she seemed to like the idea. Also her and Rainy gave me a couple track ideas, so I kind of just had to do it.

I really tried to go all out with this album, the amount of tracks that didn’t make it is honestly a surprising number. (Though you can still find most of them in the goodies folder!) They were cut in order for the actual album to be up to par with higher standards that I gained out of utter nowhere, lol. I’m really happy with how this album turned out, and I hope you enjoy it! Now, on with the commentary!!

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