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album cover

Ava - Original Soundtrack

By nuclear333 (Bandcamp, Tumblr, Twitter).
Cover art by nuclear333 (Bandcamp, Tumblr, Twitter).
Released 12/31/2017.
Duration: ~5:03.

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  1. (0:19) Title Crawl
  2. (1:06) Junglebottom Peak
  3. (1:04) Conquered Caves
  4. (0:48) Hot Shop Tea Stop
  5. (1:46) Snowdrive Park

Added to wiki 4/12/2021.

Artist commentary:


You are the space explorer Ava, and you have just landed on a new planet full of wonder! Just when you get your bearings, the evil SNOMAR appears and starts taking over the planet! You need to stop him from adding it to his empire, and fast! Go Ava, go!

This album is the result of a challenge I gave myself to make some songs over the winter break to be productive. They're all pretty short and most of them were made in about a half hour. It was fun to make. Snowdrive Park was made before the challenge, but I don't really have any plans for it so I figured I'd throw it on as a bonus. Thanks for supporting me!

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