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call and new

album cover

Cover art by yazshu metalscissor Twitter yazshu Tumblr YouTube YouTube (center + title), CreatorOfJanespeak (Terexi), Makin (Dabe), imnotglasses (Jaed), cookiefonster cookiefonster Bandcamp Other (Femorafreack), XenoZane xenozane Bandcamp xenozane Twitter (Obana), jakkyr (Bg'ogubmom'ibulsprite), BitesizeBird (Imp), Kusoro kusoro Bandcamp kusoro-laventer SoundCloud YouTube YouTube (Hecka Jef), Skyplayer Skyplayer37 Twitter skyplayer37 Twitch Homestuck_Info Twitter skyplayer Linktree (Fresh Jimmy), and avocado (Kraket).
Released 9/23/2016.
Duration: ~1:06:04.

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  1. (1:49) Touchdown by Cecily Renns
  2. (0:41) CONTACT by Difarem
  3. (1:55) First Contact by ostrichlittledungeon
  4. (2:09) Sunset Over Bright Future by Cerulean
  5. (2:09) Contact Established by Noisemaker
  6. (2:09) Contact Established (Unused Vocal Mix) by XenoZane
  7. (2:30) The Connection by Kusoro
  8. (2:11) Stay in Touch by Wheals
  9. (4:20) Connection Scrambled by Griever
  10. (2:47) Bad Radio by Interrobang
  11. (2:21) Moshi Moshi? by Discfortune
  12. (2:29) Moshi Moshpit by Pipko Fanfare
  13. (1:14) Moshi Means Business by Minkt
  14. (1:22) Moshi Starts a Business by BitesizeBird
  15. (1:12) Good Grief by 413
  16. (1:05) Good Grievous Bodily Harm by Bin
  17. (3:11) Admiral Bone-To-Pick by Gordian
  18. (0:58) Cool And New Countdown by MrCheeze
  19. (0:58) Delicious and Nutritious Countdown by Ngame
  20. (1:00) Let's Get Ready to Meme! by flamingfusion
  21. (1:17) Let's Get Ready to μίμημα! by cookiefonster
  22. (1:39) Please Be Ready To Kill Me And Eat My Fucking Remains by GoomFloops
  23. (1:15) Wubchorale for Seinfeld by Makin
  24. (1:15) WahWhistlechorale for Seinfeld's Pebbles by VulkanShawl
  25. (1:16) Telephone ascension by loading
  26. (3:12) Microcosm / Macrocasm by TirantBacon
  27. (2:33) national treasure by Hadron
  28. (2:29) national weeaboo sample treasure & knuckles by koba
  29. (1:26) Blood Moon by Wights End
  30. (3:00) The final Calldown by Shwan
  31. (8:12) CONFERANCE CALL ~~LAST CONTACT~~ by Cecily Renns

Added to wiki 8/18/2023.

Artist commentary:

Cool and New Music Team:

we did tihs

Makin: (team manager)

Every track remixes or references the one before it, with most musicians ignorant of the original track, like a broken telephone. The final track by Cecily Renns remixes every original melody in the album.


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