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album cover

Cover art by Knil.
Wallpaper art by Chesswanderlust-sama candrazdestroy Twitter chesswanderlust-sama DeviantArt chesswanderlust-sama SoundCloud chesswanderlust-sama ArtStation.
Banner art by Chesswanderlust-sama candrazdestroy Twitter chesswanderlust-sama DeviantArt chesswanderlust-sama SoundCloud chesswanderlust-sama ArtStation and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 11/30/2020.
Duration: ~2:12:47.

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Disc 1: (~39:29)
  1. (0:56) >>DiscOne<< by Tee-vee
  2. (2:25) Spare Friendship, Ma'am? by pizzagremlin
  3. (4:05) Here on Alternia by GhostElevator
  4. (2:01) today i put......... JELLY on this hot god by Tee-vee
  5. (3:20) Scrubbing Until Morning by GhostElevator
  6. (1:41) Gravedigger's Dirge by GhostElevator
  7. (2:21) Dreams of Flight by GhostElevator
  8. (2:36) Desert Daring by heir-of-puns
  9. (3:29) Beneath the Night Sky So Dark by GhostElevator
  10. (3:06) Hi everyone, Antony Fntano here, Alternia's busiest music nerd, and it's time for a review of the new Chixie Roixmr album, by Tee-vee
  11. (2:15) it's hard, being famous. it's hard and nobody understands by astropod
  12. (2:51) leech by Gryotharian
  13. (2:18) assault and battery by Gryotharian
  14. (2:05) Carefree Consternation by GhostElevator
  15. (4:00) |||Optic Duelist||| by Rainy
Disc 2: (~46:24)
  1. (0:25) >>DiscTwo<< by Gryotharian
  2. (3:45) Marvelous Marauder by Rainy and Tee-vee
  3. (1:37) no *kills you* by astropod
  4. (2:29) Caught in the Facts by Panfex
  5. (2:33) Paradox Pariah by Caelan Kier
  6. (3:02) Mother To Many by GhostElevator
  7. (3:10) Improved Acumen by GhostElevator
  8. (2:30) oWo by Chesswanderlust-sama
  9. (3:46) we waste time JADED by Tee-vee
  10. (3:13) Naive Harmony by GhostElevator
  11. (3:28) *Legal Fees Pending by Scorpyus
  12. (3:37) Exhausted Hope by Gryotharian
  13. (3:50) Bullet Brain by GhostElevator
  14. (3:32) *teleports behind you* by Gryotharian
  15. (3:09) Lonely Little Gremlin Girl by GhostElevator
  16. (2:18) Middleclass Daydream by heir-of-puns
Disc 3: (~46:54)
  1. (0:48) >>DiscThree<< by Scorpyus
  2. (2:55) Zillow for Evil Lairs by GhostElevator
  3. (2:32) Chelicerae by heir-of-puns
  4. (3:29) Pop Pills Get Girls by Scorpyus
  5. (2:46) Blatant Plagiarism by Scorpyus
  6. (6:01) Dumbass Terminal by Tee-vee
  7. (1:13) growing up by GhostElevator
  8. (1:59) WORST (fri)END by Gryotharian
  9. (2:56) Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness by Tee-vee
  10. (2:26) *Suplexes piano* by Scorpyus
  11. (2:31) Sleeping in the cheerful sis's hair by Chesswanderlust-sama
  12. (2:18) General Clownery by astropod
  13. (3:00) Phantasmagoria by Scorpyus
  14. (4:02) The Show Must Go On by Scorpyus
  15. (3:36) You're the Whole Circus by Tee-vee
  16. (4:22) The Puppetmaster by Gryotharian

Added to wiki 1/12/2021.

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Artist commentary:


Chesswanderlust did the very nice Bandcamp theme and header along with all the art for songs that didn't have track art yet a few days before release!

Tee-vee did a ton of work prooflistening / mastering the whole, very long album.

Scorpyus, Gryortharian, puns, and Tipsygnostalgic really stepped up to help organize the album and give ideas when I (Ucklin) got super busy.

Makin uploaded the album and came up with the name, as well as making sure all the details I forgot were taken care of!

This one truly couldn't have come out without some new people stepping up and doing work on the team, and I appreciate it immensely!

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