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Tipsy has contributed 12:06 minutes of music shared on this wiki.

Contributed music to groups: (Sorting by count.)
Contributed music to groups: (Sorting by duration.)
Homestuck Vol. 11 (7/20/2018; 12:06)


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Contributed artworks to groups:
Homestuck Vol. 11 (7/20/2018)
Descent Into Madness (8/26/2018)
Cosmic Caretakers (2/17/2019)
_ (3/14/2019)
LAYERS (coasters upon coasters) (4/10/2019)
HAROLDBOUND (5/27/2019)
  • (cover art)
Moons of Theseus (6/8/2019)
Muse of Net (9/30/2019)
  • (cover art)
Diverging Delicacies (3/1/2020)
Beyond Canon (6/1/2020)
FriendSymphony (11/30/2020)


Homestuck Vol. 11
Cosmic Caretakers
Moons of Theseus
Beyond Canon
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