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Fuchsia Ruler - Single

album cover

By Kezinox kezinox Bandcamp kezinox SoundCloud YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by Mel.
Released 4/3/2012.
Duration: 4:07.

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  1. (4:07) Fuchsia Ruler

Added to wiki 1/1/2023.

Artist commentary:


Originally known by the name Witc)(ing )(our [a theme for the Condesce], Fuchsia Ruler was an entry for the Homestuck Album Contest. Since it did in fact win, and was placed on the contest album I had to wait until now to upload it here. You can now download it either from my bandcamp here as a single, or, if you're a fan of homestuck i'd encourage you to download it here from the homestuck bandcamp along with the rest of the album.

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