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7th Gate Project

By Catboss ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ).
Released 4/21/2012.
Duration: ~19:28.

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  1. (4:33) Through the Seventh Gate ~Land of Wind and Shade~
  2. (4:36) Through the Seventh Gate ~Land of Heat and Clockwork~
  3. (4:36) Through the Seventh Gate ~Land of Light and Rain~
  4. (5:43) Through the Seventh Gate ~Land of Frost and Frogs~

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Artist commentary:


The "Seventh Gate Project" - as I like to call it - is something I have been planning for a while now. At least like half a month, I'd say. I started it for more or less the same reason I started this blogthing - I mentioned that I felt that my music was gaining a sort of "direction" to it, and I guess this project is basically to see where it's going, and to develop my own style.

This project will involve remixing (at least) the four kid's Land Themes, along with adding my own touches to it. Whether I will do the troll Land Themes or not, we'll see. I don't want to make any particular commitment to that yet because that means another 12 songs, and I wasn't intending for this project to take too long. Plus I'll have to use mainly original stuff since with the exception of Pulse and Haze, none of the trolls lands have official themes.

Maybe I'll just do it as an on-and-off thing after I'm done with the 4 lands.

(commentary redux)

Completed around June 2011, the 7th Gate Project was a series of remixes of songs from webcomic and internet sensation Homestuck.

These remixes were done in an attempt to find my own "sound," as it were, and they have contributed greatly to my growth as a musician. Recent developments in the comic have also led me to consider extending this project; it will be interesting to see how far my ability has developed since a year ago.


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Technically speaking, this release doesn't have any actual cover artwork. However I would be remiss if I did not mention that on, which has hosted a copy of this album for many many years, this release is represented by slightly modified artwork:

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