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  • Witc)(ing )(our (contest-submitted name)
  • Witching Hour (contest-submitted name, normalized)

By Kezinox kezinox Bandcamp kezinox SoundCloud YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by Mel.
Released 4/2/2012.
Duration: 4:07.

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Artist commentary:


Obviously with a name like Witc)(ing )(our, this song is for the condesce/batterwitch/etc. I always figured a sexy psychotic space empress bent on universal domination needed an over-the-top evil, but also dance-able track. I'd actually been planning to do a song like this for her for quite a while since she's one of—if not my favorite—characters. Every 30 seconds or so represents a time in the Condesce's life as we know it up to now and, while the song is almost wholly original, I did pull a few minor, but very recognizable things from songs like liquid negrocity and Twoard2 the Heaven2 to help really nail the connection.


This is my song entry for the Homestuck Music Contest--essentially a dark electro house song for the Condesce. On a technical level this song more or less represents the culmination of all the practice and knowledge I've gained from working with music up until now.

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