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I Miss You - EarthBound 2012

album cover

Cover art by sleepytimejesse sleepytimejesse Bandcamp sleepytimejesse YouTube.
Released 1/1/2012.
Duration: ~44:43.

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  1. (2:40) Thanks, Buzz Buzz by fluidvolt
  2. (1:00) Fallen Down by Toby Fox
  3. (1:39) Ninefield by Shannon Mason
  4. (2:11) Summers Plaza by Joshua Morse
  5. (1:12) Batty Bird Bop by Mouthless
  6. (3:37) New Scaraba Bazaar by sleepytimejesse
  7. (3:04) Surprise! Photo Studio by Maxo
  8. (1:46) Rowdy Rodent Riddim by Mouthless
  9. (2:50) A New Line by Toby Fox
  10. (2:18) Unidentified Flying Object by sleepytimejesse
  11. (1:49) Battle Against A Strange Enemy by Joshua Morse
  12. (1:34) The Tar Pits by fluidvolt
  13. (1:05) Frank's Back. by sleepytimejesse
  14. (1:26) Mr. Socksmagreeter by nysnamovois
  15. (2:51) Haunted House by sleepytimejesse
  16. (2:34) Slumberous Cove by fluidvolt
  17. (1:15) Fire Spring by sleepytimejesse
  18. (0:48) Giygas' Quiet Border by sleepytimejesse
  19. (3:03) Fight Gyiyg Spawn by Maxo
  20. (2:39) Megalo Strike Back by Toby Fox
  21. (3:11) Checkerboard Memories by Toby Fox
  22. (0:11) Goodbye by sleepytimejesse

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Artist commentary:


To celebrate the music of the Mother series several artists have banded together to create the most nostalgic tribute to these games they could muster. Their music takes you on a journey beyond the end of Mother 2/EarthBound, meeting new characters and even a few new enemies.


Every download of this album also comes with a free copy of EarthBound.sf2, the EarthBound soundfont that was used in the creation of this album. This file contains 176 authentic SNES instruments meticulously ripped from the game's ROM.

Soundfont, album concept and art by sleepytimejesse.

sleepytimejesse: (november 2020 edit)

If you google "EarthBound Soundfont" you can find the tool we used to compose these songs for free : )

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)