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Muse of Nanchos

track cover

By cookiefonster cookiefonster Bandcamp Other.
Cover art by StarlightCalliope.
Released 10/30/2016.
Duration: 2:13.

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Tracks that reference Muse of Nanchos:

From Fandom:

Tracks that sample Muse of Nanchos:

From Fandom:

Artist commentary:

cookiefonster: (Composer)

One day I thought to myself, hey I should try making a completely original song. And then I said, hey I should make a theme for Hecka Jef. I combined these two ideas into this song, see for yourself if I did good.

(I'm not sorry for typing like Rose even though I wasn't supposed to.)

Wheals: (Composer (but not of this song????))

Would Rose say "I did good"

cookiefonster: (Composer)

yes she totally would

StarlightCalliope: (Artist)

I took the spot to do this track art from Makin, since I really liked the Muse of Nanchos song, and wanted to do something for it. Also, because I wanted to draw Hecka Jef. (Was I supposed to type poorly for this?)

Interrobang: (Editor)

Who even knows lol

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