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album cover

album cover

Tags: Obana

Cover art by ackro.
Released 8/30/2017.
Duration: ~42:55.

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  1. (1:15) The Inaugural Inauguration of Barack Obana by CogentInvalid
  2. (1:28) Dollers and Danger Forever by Wheals
  3. (1:45) Recession by WHATISLOSTINTHEMINES
  4. (3:02) !!! WHITE HOUSE SHOWDOWN, (econony in state of disrepair)! !! by ft-rj
  5. (2:34) Ruins (of econony) by Kusoro
  6. (1:45) Baby Obana's Theme by Akalabeth
  7. (4:06) You Mean the Chaos Emeralds? by FrostyMac, Hadron, PoisonedElite, and Difarem
  8. (3:04) Storming the Whyte Hous by pizzagremlin
  9. (4:23) [INTERMISHIN] Secant Soivice The Radio Drama: Episode318 by PoisonedElite
  10. (2:32) Sorry for Breaking into ur White House by NyashAlex
  11. (1:23) Corrupt Politician by pizzagremlin
  12. (2:43) A Boring Day in the Office (without Jhon) by NyashAlex
  13. (2:08) Obana Bomba by AlphaShire
  14. (2:07) Battle Against A Baby President by Ray Mike
  15. (1:32) Obana Legend Figher by AlphaShire and cookiefonster
  16. (3:52) You Killed the Econony (Prepare to Die) by Nicholas Nakano
  17. (3:16) barack obana presents the story of cool and new music team by nunndoes

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Cool and New Music Team:

Preziden Obana's musical masterpiece, detailing his life and future in 17 tracks of pure democracy.


This album was planned when we realized we had a few pretty long obana songs in 9, while the album was looking to be a second cool and new volume s*x: hair transplant in sheer length. We quickly agreed to make an obana album to contain these masterpieces, and with time the album grew into more than a tiny afterthought. Let's enjoy the album and make LODAD great again!

ackro: (Album Artist)

this art was originally supposed to be the track art for econony in state of disrepair but we needed album art before the deadline and we didnt have any so we just used mine. also scaro is the one who did the cool dramatic lighting on the head so dont give me too much credit. i tried doing some lighting for it myself but ended up just saying fuck it and put a bunch of orange shit on there. anyway i hope you guys enjoy my contributions to the team! this is my first album here and the team is basically like hsd but if hsd only had people who were cool.

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