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Cover art by Rangzhe.
Banner art by Rangzhe, Rebecca Peason reasonpeason Tumblr, Circlejourney circlejourney Bandcamp circlejourney SoundCloud Circlejourney YouTube circlejourneyart Tumblr circlejourney Twitter Other machinasolis SoundCloud (asset organizing), and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 8/27/2017.
Duration: ~4:27:24.

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Disc 1: (~55:53)
  1. (0:29) Disc One by Corona Sanctus
  2. (3:41) ♈Reality Theatre♈ by Navochao
  3. (4:28) ♉W1th W1ngs♉ by irl-porrim-maryam
  4. (3:02) ♊Propulsion♊ by Sean William Calhoun
  5. (5:12) ♋️A Peace Worth Fighting For♋️ by Nate Tronerud
  6. (4:47) ♌On The Hunt For Something Unknown♌ by The One Music Maniac
  7. (4:34) ♍Theotokos♍ by SerialSymphony
  8. (2:49) ♎H3R HONOR4BL3 V3NG34NC3♎ by Seren Mist
  9. (10:00) ♏Spider's Eclipse♏ by Blackhole
  10. (3:17) ♐Broken Strings♐ by psithurist
  11. (3:51) ♑His Demented Mural♑ by Zan Beaver
  12. (3:51) ♒Tumescent♒ by Seijen
  13. (5:52) ♓Greatest -Empress♓ by Mathias Ramalho
Disc 2: (~2:32:49)
  1. (0:32) Disc Two by Corona Sanctus
  2. (5:24) Ancestral Anthem by Rhyselinn
  3. (2:33) BATTERWITC)( ASC-ENDANT by Seren Mist
  4. (1:21) Rampage by Mathias Ramalho
  5. (4:14) Orphaner's Ocean by Acyl
  6. (2:40) cerulean seas, misery machine by smear
  7. (3:59) Nothing Will Ever Be The Same by Nate Tronerud
  8. (6:12) Protector by Sean William Calhoun
  9. (1:01) In The Forest by WC
  10. (2:10) PRII2M BREAK by David Burkee
  11. (2:54) The Disciple's New Beginning by Nevaeh Drexler
  12. (3:51) C9me T9gether by TempiTunes
  13. (4:11) Sufferer's Suite by Toris Crow
  14. (4:44) Black Heart, Green Dress by psithurist
  15. (3:53) Expatri8's March by Nymelord
  16. (3:53) Release Me by not-the-kind-you-save
  17. (1:46) E%ile by keyboard cait
  18. (3:56) Legacy by aeolianChemist
  19. (2:02) Terminal Aeon by WC
  20. (3:42) Vwigor8us by Llyona Fang
  21. (4:58) Lady of Sorrows by Dallas Ross Hicks
  22. (2:46) Dualscar's Lament by not-the-kind-you-save
  23. (2:23) Court of Miracles by irl-porrim-maryam
  24. (4:09) Violet Means to a Violent End by Acyl
  25. (2:36) Paint The Walls by The One Music Maniac
  26. (4:09) The Pursuit of Justice by SerialSymphony
  27. (3:08) The Confront8ion by Circlejourney
  28. (4:13) JUST1C3 R41NS FROM 4BOV3 by SerialSymphony and Circlejourney
  29. (2:30) The Demise of Neophyte Redglare at the Hands of the Unruly Mob by SerialSymphony
  30. (3:23) The Mechanism by not-the-kind-you-save
  31. (2:19) Summon the Cavalreapers by The One Music Maniac
  32. (3:30) Last Lovers by Mathias Ramalho
  33. (4:33) pyrrhic rust by smear
  34. (5:30) Mutiny by Zan Beaver
  35. (2:12) Black Flag Stained 8lue by Navochao
  36. (2:45) A Rebel's Requiem by Seren Mist
  37. (3:11) In Condescent Darkness by Nate Tronerud
  38. (2:30) Die For Me by Ducky Senpai
  39. (3:31) The Doom of the Planets by Circlejourney
  40. (1:25) Rusted Wench by miraculouslollipop
  41. (6:01) Handmaiden's F(l)ight by SerialSymphony
  42. (3:20) Of Rust and Royalty by Grace Medley
  43. (3:03) The Handmaid's Lament by Sara Stebbins
  44. (5:33) (Her Imperial) Ascension by SerialSymphony
  45. (4:13) Crockercorpse by Sean William Calhoun
Disc 3: (~39:40)
  1. (0:30) Disc Three by Corona Sanctus
  2. (5:02) the mother, a child by smear
  3. (2:59) Space Serenade (A Lullaby for a Restless Sleeper) by Navochao
  4. (2:31) Sweet Baby Tr9ll Jegus by potato-sollux
  5. (2:06) Tomorrow There'll Be More Of Us by Navochao
  6. (2:27) Signless Protection Squad by Navochao
  7. (1:47) Purple And Purple by WC
  8. (3:54) Sandswept Schismatic by Acyl
  9. (2:28) lazutrix by smear
  10. (4:08) Leftovers by psithurist
  11. (2:19) Cardinal Fyre by Zan Beaver
  12. (3:19) Preach by Seijen
  13. (2:38) Swan Song by Navochao
  14. (3:32) The Doom of the Planets (Reprise) by Circlejourney
Bonus tracks: (~19:02)
  1. (4:44) Black Heart, Green Dress (Instrumental) by psithurist
  2. (4:01) Release Me (Instrumental) by not-the-kind-you-save
  3. (2:47) Dualscar's Lament (Instrumental) by not-the-kind-you-save
  4. (3:22) The Mechanism (Instrumental) by not-the-kind-you-save
  5. (4:08) Leftovers (Instrumental) by psithurist

Added to wiki 6/12/2020.

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Artist commentary:


Josefin B and the Ancestral Music Team present;
A collaborative Homestuck fan album in three discs.

Track commentaries are authored by their respective fan musicians and fan artists. Track art is the property of the credited visual artists.

The Ancestral Album and related media are brought to you by Josefin B and the Ancestral Music Team, and are unofficial fan works based on Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. Homestuck is a property of Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin.

Josefin B.:

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Blackhole for having helped and guided me through this entire process. Couldn't have done it otherwise. Circlejourney for assembling the booklet and thus ensuring there would be one. Everyone who jumped in at a second's notice when I needed a track done. Everyone at the LoFaM team for having helped me and for managing a lot if not all the final workload. It's been fun.


As it is the cover of the album, I wanted to make it dramatic as much as to my ability. I wanted to put them in order of the zodiac at first but I realized that it didn't look as great, so I put the Signless and his associates as one and the other highbloods on the other side, and to show the Handmaid vs Condesce I made them top and bottom, as polar opposites. I felt like this was the best way to put them to show their interactions in the stories. The background was inspired by the actaul Homestuck album "Alternia" and the pixel-y title font is also because of the ancestor's role to prepare the descendants for the game.

Josefin B.:

To some extent, I consider Ancestral to be a little sister album to Beforus. We share many contributors and this project was largely inspired by Beforus. The reason we asked Rangzhe to make our cover was to tie it in. The very last track of Beforus, Motions of Infinity, ending with the ancestors being created, was drawn by her. Isn't it fitting how she begins this story after having ended the last? That, and her art is hella.


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