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Hiveswap Act 2 OST - Commentary

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Album commentary

James Roach:

(Twitter (

the hiveswap OST is up on bandcamp, the main bulk of the tracks are collaborations between toby and i, but the trial music was done by @barkbarkclark! check it out!


i usually try and clean up my tweets so my shitposts or w/e arent the first thing you see when you go to my profile but i accidentally deleted the wrong ones like a clown : )


ok answerin a few questions:

here is a breakdown of the OST that i made a while ago

im not in charge of this so, grain of salt, but i THINK yes they are planning to eventually put it on various streaming services

we will probably not be doing a robust OST commentary this time

Clark Powell:


i wrote some songs for this! if you check it out you might hear why my youtube algorithm recommends me nothing but ace attorney soundtracks now

Quasar Nebula:

thanks to nuclear333 for helping out with track metadata and creating a remix of the official cover art which better matches the Hiveswap Act 1 OST cover!

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