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By James Roach hames Bandcamp jamesroachmusic SoundCloud YouTube YouTube hamesatron Twitter.
Released 11/26/2020.
Duration: 1:42.

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James Roach: (SoundCloud, as commentary for music from Hiveswap Friendsim)

this track presented a unique problem in that i didn't want to write it at the time. I had written a really somber and melancholic track for the area outside the hive (the farm in the concept art) and changing it into something a little goofier and weird presented a unique difficulty for me. I just didn't know what to do for the first time in like actual YEARS i had no idea where to even start. I kept at it for a very long time and eventually just muscled through it with sheer force of will. People often ask me the hardest track or my least favorite to work on. it was this one. silver lining: its also become one of my favorites. i love how it came out. thats the power of determination. did you know you can't say determination anymore.

this was written for, yes, the fabled beekeeper troll that nobody will talk about. its become some sort of myth as to what happened to her but the truth isn't that exciting. in early hiveswap days each member of the crew got to "pick" a character that they could choose one design element of. The person who picked beekeeper just had a fantroll based off of herself. they also just... drew micro/macro porn of themselves? a power move, honestly. I met them in person and they offered me weed within literal minutes of meeting so i mean i guess they seemed nice. when they no longer worked for the company it was just simpler to redesign the character than deal with literally any of that. mystewy sowved :)

at the point in production where they were figuring out names/personalities/traits they kinda thrust this one on me because it "would make the most people angry." beekeeper troll was beloved by a very specific kind of horny dude. you know the kind that regularly says "lewds" or w/e. nothin wrong with that i guess. chase your bliss. but in an effort by my SO CALLED FRIENDS to antagonize me, they were like "heh h h e h he e e he h what if we make this cute girl character that hornyboys love into a dumpy little round dude and then say we based him off james who they already do not like."

thanks guys.

anyway zebede's bullet points and even his name are references to me but thats kinda where it ends. st. james son of zebedee is also known as santiago, which is my birthname. the tongva were "maybe" the indigenous people of long beach, where i live, which is "too far to visit" which is a joke about The Greater Los Angeles Area. I live 20 minutes away. cowards.

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