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Album commentary


Tracks from the now-delisted INHOSPITABLE Vol. 1 album from 2017. Contributions that aren't my own haven't been included in this release, as many who worked on the original project are no longer associated with INHOSPITABLE or related projects.

I've also decided to include old track art that I'm kind of embarrassed of now. This includes art for tracks not included, and even one piece of track art that was so bad I didn't even use it in the original. You're welcome, archivists.

Some songs may be rereleased on a future INHOSPITABLE music project, but the majority of the songs posted here are the only place to download this music.

Dedicated to those who helped make the original release a reality. May you find success in any walk of life you choose to take from here. Should you find yourself looking back on this experience, fondly or otherwise, I hope you can at least be proud of how far you've come since this humble project.

Crying Robot


This track didn't come with track art.

Perspective Inbound


This track reused the art from Regrets in the original too.

The Serpent's Trail


One of the instruments here is a dog bark. The entire song was made specifically so I could try that technique.

Hammer Head


Honestly in retrospect this album art really isn't too fitting, but it's pretty cute. It's nice to see how much North's art has improved since then, especially considering I'm not taking that to mean this art is bad.

Demon Juice


Cringe is dead. This track art was cool I don't care what you say. Yeah it's like, BAD ART, but conceptually this rules. I should note that 90% of the track art was complete bullshit because I didn't actually have any big ideas back then. The beta track art sucks though. Don't apply that in your metadata. The second I finished making it I knew it wasn't going to be good.

Anyway this song was originally made for Cool and New Music Team's '9' album, but was rejected because it sucked, and also because I got the lore I was working off of wrong. Cool and New Webcomic is not a good comic.

Channel Surfing


Bad photoshop edit. Eugh, can't believe I thought this was passable as track art back then.

Infinite Midnight


I completely forgot I reused this art THREE times on this album.

Greater Impact


This track art was originally for the song "Techno Babtle", which isn't included here. I basically just drew the part of the comic it was used for from a different perspective, and I am so glad I rebooted it oh my god this sucked. This was not nearly as cool as I thought it was back then. If you want to go find the page this was from, it's on MSPFA, but maybe don't. It was pretty bad.

If you're wondering why this is an unfitting track for the end of an album, please remember that this album had 26 tracks originally.

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