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Autumn Every Day

carátula del álbum

carátula del álbum

Por Jamie Paige ( Externo ( , Bandcamp , Twitter y SoundCloud ).
Carátula por Valerie Halla ( Externo ( ).
Lanzado el 22/9/2017.
Duración: ~52:45.

Escucha en Bandcamp.

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Default Track Section (~48:58):
  1. (1:09) Automated Answering Service
  2. (3:19) A Repetition
  3. (4:19) To Atlantis
  4. (4:42) It's 2013 Again por Jamie Paige y ODDEEO
  5. (3:54) Too Much Autotune
  6. (3:48) Special Days
  7. (1:35) Amélie
  8. (3:56) Secret Girlfriend
  9. (2:59) Bizarre Love Triangle por Jamie Paige y Nat Wesley
  10. (4:40) Pass por Jamie Paige y Marcy Nabors
  11. (5:45) Honor Majesty
  12. (5:20) Autumn Every Day
  13. (3:32) Hold Me Tightly
Non-Bandcamp release tracks (3:47):
  1. (3:47) Secret Girlfriend (Dream Logic Version)

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Comentario del artista:

Jamie Paige:

Special thanks to all the lovely people who helped make this album happen, and who gave me the courage to make something as big as this:

Marcy, Valerie, Oscar, Nat, Samm, Mariana, V5, Bluffy, Nami, Zuzu, Bug, Addie, Ace, Marlow, Brooke, Viv, Melody, Rachel, RJ, Jijo, Mikki, GHOST DATA, Cochet, Sadie, Arna, Madi, Elijah, Fionna, every single person I hung with on my 2016 road trip, and Honor. Especially Honor. <3

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